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Mary Blair Study  - 08.29.14 by nenuiel Mary Blair Study  - 08.29.14 by nenuiel
In honor of visiting the wonderful gallery at the Disney Family Museum! I just love how Mary Blair uses value and shape to build her compositions. Even without the lovely colors, it read incredibly well! So that was my goal to analyze today. I choose one of the pieces in the gallery to study - showing Cinderella's Carriage in motion. (study image top)

The 'piece inspired' (image below) is a fairytale based one as well - one of my personal favorites. The Six Swans, it's a great story of familial loyalty and love. This is the first night right after the brothers have been transformed by their evil stepmother, and they try to comfort their sister as they hide in the woods. I wanted the woods to feel overpowering, the tree she rests upon to be both scary yet protective. But a little bit of moonlight breaks through, just to highlight them in the dark.

Critiques more than welcomed! These are exercises, so they are meant to be destroyed and rebuilt!

Original image of Cinderella Carriage copyright of Mary Blair and the Walt Disney company. The study image and original image are copyright of me. 2014.
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August 30, 2014
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