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Madame Mim by nenuiel Madame Mim by nenuiel
So I am alive. Sorta. I need to upload/check on things more often!

I finally had some free time to just draw for fun! And this idea has been lurking in my head for quite some time. I think Madame Mim is one of the most under appreciated Disney villains, so I thought it might be fun to paint her when she's maybe a little more on the scarier side - and slightly more realistic. Kinda what they are doing with Maleficent.

I wanted to make this into an exercise for myself on a couple of levels. One, I need to get a better grasp of painting. Two, I need to work more on getting realistic people drawn. Three, getting faster. I finished this in about 5.5 hours. Need to work on that. And lastly, I wanted to work on dramatic lighting. I also decided to use this as a dark to light painting exercise.

Overall, it was SUCH A BLAST to draw something for fun for once! I need to manage my time better so I can do this on a more regular basis.

Would ya'll think this would be a fun idea? To do realistic portraits of Disney characters? I'm considering it as an exercise. =)

Image Copyright of Ris Garner August 2013. Madame Mim Copyright of Disney.
SovietMentality Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Damn this is beautiful! It needs more attention! 
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