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I do have this (among others) for sale on transparent paper if ya'll are interested: [link]

Ok, seriously, how excited can I be for this movie? SUPER PSYCHED MAN!! Going to the midnight preview this Thurs. Been hearing good things from friends who have had the fortune of seeing it already in other countries. Hopefully this will boost some sales in comics. *thumbs up*

So I celebrate by drawing this! But honestly, this window as such a freakin' blast, even though it was quite a conundrum how to fit them all in.

Thanks so much to my friend :iconthegreatmrchibi: for helping me figure it out!

Probably one of my ultimate favorites. Hulk particularly. I need to do more close ups. XD

Avengers obviously belongs to Marvel. I only own the rights of this image. ^_^
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SO BEAUTIFUL I LOVE IT Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon T_T 

will be favorited and and to my maybe someday dream church of superheroes
The guy in the bottom right looks like Norman Osborn
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This would be awesome to see in a church or something... Or even in someone's house. I'm not to picky.
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What an amazing idea, and such neat composition!
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Im gonna build a church one day is it okay if i use this? :P
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Sure! Just let me know when it gets made! XD
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Oh very cool!
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Almost as cool as your icon! =D Thanks so much!
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haha, thanks :) & you're welcome :)
btw I used to do a lot of faux stained glass (with transparent paints) a decade back and your stained glass window work is so much reminiscent of that, that I had to fave it :)
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Well that's cool! What type of transparent paints did you use (out of curiousity)?
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They were Polyurethane base automotive paints. Did a lot of work with that mixing in different proportions of thinner & transparent lacquer. The thing was the paint had to be 'floated' on glass between raised lines/edges made with glaziers putty & it had to be a dust-proof environment, since dust settling on the paint would stick to it and ruin the piece.
So I used to get pretty 'high' on the thinner smell & had to give up. haha :)
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Goodness gracious that sounds complicated! And yeah, I don't think I could get away with doing that either - I start coughing with marker fumes. Fascinating work process though! =D
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yeah, & great fun :)
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wish i went to a church with these!!
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You know, it's funny to how many people have expressed the same thing. =D I'm glad you like it!
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Love the stained glass idea. The Avengers was such a cool movie.
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Thank you, and yes, it was a very good movie! =D
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Very Original Art :D
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Well thank you! I'm glad you think so! =D I just combined two of my favorite things and it just happened to work out.
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Thank you! I'm glad you think so! :aww:
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