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10.17.14 by nenuiel 10.17.14 by nenuiel
So another practice image! WOO!!

Again, the premise is to take an existing screencap/image, do my own version of it, then take it and make a concept piece based on what I learned.

I spent (probably too much) time on this, because I really wanted to work on my portraiture and my ability to render. Originally, the goal was to do a portrait of Princess Luthien from Tolkein's Silmarillion. I chose Rachel Weisz as a muse because she is so beautiful, yet has strength to her facial structure.

However, as I was 'painting' her as the witch from Oz, the way she is posed, and her queenly manner made me think of this line from the Silmarillion:

But he (King Thingol) came at last to a glade open to the stars, and there Melian stood; and out of the darkness he looked at her, and the light of Aman was in her face.

So there we go. Now Rachel Weisz is cast as queen Melian. *laughs* Very fun exercise, regardless.

Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth copyright of J.R.R. Tolkein and Middle Earth Enterprises. Original mage from 'Oz the Great and Powerful' copyright of disney. Both doodles belong to me. Muahahaha.
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October 17, 2014
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