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08.26.14 by nenuiel 08.26.14 by nenuiel
Based on inspiration from a friend, I'm going to try to do a quick drawing/sketch from a screencap, and then take the knowledge that I learn doing it to do a concept piece WITHOUT any reference. So today's exercise is 'The Hobbit' featuring Thranduil (on top). Two major critiques I have for my work is that I over work it, and also do not have a strong sense of value to create focal points in a composition. So I'm working on that, and keeping it looser.

The piece inspired by Thranduil is also from the Lord of the Rings universe - a portrayal from the Silmarillion. It tells how Luthian, fair daughter of King Thingol and Queen Melian, distracted the dark lord Morgoth with her beauty and song as a wounded Beren snuck up and cut one of the Silmarils from his crown. Surrounded by the deep darkness of Angband, the only light was from the Elven princess, and the jewels over which the great wars were fought.

Clearly I found that a cool visual. XD

Critique is encouraged and appreciated! These exercises are meant to help me grow!

Images done by me, but the screencap is copyright of New Line Cinema, and all story elements belong to the brilliant J.R.R. Tolkien.
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