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Thetis, one of the 50 nereids (sea nymphs) dauthers of Nereus.
I represent her like a beautiful woman (one of the most beutiful, she was saved to be "possesed" by Zeus and Poseidon only because her son will became greater than his father) with lot of jewels (crafted for her by Hephaestus because she saved him after he was abandoned by Hera).
She has the shield she made 
Hephaestus craft for her son Achilles, the one the hero son of Peleus used in the war of Troy.
her dress is more mature to represent the fact that she is a mother not a virgin maiden.

Done in watercolors i get inspired for her pose by one of Mucha's masterpiece.
The shield is a reference i found on internet.

I made her for two reason: 
:iconmoon-shadow-1985: asked me if i can do more works inspired by mythology and because i recently watched Fate/Apocrypha...a little disappointing but it gave me some inspiration.

I hope you and @Moon-Shadow-1985 will like her :D

Other Character Design:--->…
Other Myth and Religion inspired works:--->…

If you like her and you want to help me go check those lik out (……) and leave a like, it is fast and free but it will really help :D
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Love the details in this
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Mother of my favorite hero
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Well, i hope you like her then :D
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I like her too
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Question:  As you've posted Sailor Moon Art in the past, you'll already know about the Asteroid Senshi/Quartet; have you ever given any thought about OC Asteroid Senshi beyond Sailors' Ceres, Pallas, Juna & Vesta (Sailors' Astraea, Hebe, Iris & Flora, etc.), of which Thetis here is included-in (… )?:…

What would you Asteroid Senshi 'Dream Team' be?  

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As a wanna be geophysic i'm a fan of Neptune's satellites.

But i see there are lot of figure i love like herminione (like the lady of the wonderful d'annunzio poem "La Pioggia nel pineto"), Medea, Eos (i was so uncertain when i was drawing thetis if i had to make Eos too).
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So, Lunar Senshi, per-say;… ; but, what about Asteroid Senshi?  

Others have pondered about their 'Dream Team's:  
In the Garden of the Past - Wallpaper by LizzyJun

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The problem with the satellites in solar sistem is that the can only be familiar like Luna or phobos and deimos.

and i'm not sure about the astoroids thing, i mean in the galaxia cicle is said that planets have star in their hearts that allows them to be senshi to defend the princess of that solar system. The amazon quartet are senshi of a future that probably won't happen because Usagi as queen won't die as cosmos.
I'm nor pretty sure btw the art is wonderful.
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I should really read the manga again
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Thanks a lot but luckly i bought them so i can read the books in italian :D
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I'm glad you like her, i was thinking about Aurora for the next one :D
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If you'd ever had any plans for a 'family' portrait', as it were, Eos/Aurora, and her brother and sister, Helios/Sol & Selene/Luna, would be a good idea, too.  

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I'm not so good to do characters compositions :(
There are a lot of proportion to take on mind and on paper.

But probably i will do some comceptual like Eos in the middle of a setting new moon and a rising sun
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Fair enough.  

She was also the wife of Astraeus (god of the dusk; ), and mother of Astraea ( ), the Anemoi (the four wind gods; ; Boreas (North Wind), Zephyrus (West Wind), Notus (South Wind), and Eurus (East Wind)), the Astra Planeta (the 5 Wandering Stars/Planets (Stilbon (Mercury), Eosphoros/Hesperos (Venus), Pyroeis (Mars), Phaethon (Jupiter), and Phainon (Saturn))).  

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even Astrea will be interesting to draw.

Btw i've to finish some commission now so probably i won't be able to do something for myself for some weeks.
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That's ok; no pressures, no deadlines.  
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