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Hi. Sometimes I try to make art by making pictures. Sometimes I don't.

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Tom Lehrer, Delia Derbyshire
Favourite Games
Spider Solitaire, Set
Tools of the Trade
Wacom tablet and GIMP, pencils, paper, dip pens & india ink, crayons, watercolor
Other Interests
poking the cats, tagging mp3s, organizing my library, silly fanart, not writing stories

Look, I live!

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I am going through an organize-all-the-files phase right now, so I pulled out the last year's worth of finish art and figured I'd actually post it here for once. Enjoy! (12 over 12 months is not great, but then again, it is a lot more than I expected. Also I now have 21 .xcf files in my "art in progress" folder. I should do something about that.)
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I FOUND MY STYLUS! Prepare for me to suddenly start posting bad art again. :D kevinbolk (, kyabetsu (, and I have just come back from taking Interrobang Studios (with 2x2x2 ( along to share the table. And hi comicalclare ( if you stop by here!) and now I am all fired up to actually do art more and comics more and post stuff I've done! (I knew I should have done laundry sooner. It wasn't in a pocket - no - it was in the pile-of-things-removed-from-pockets-while-doing-laundry; I guess Mom found it and thought it was just a pen. Teach me to do my own laundry.) (I have grown slightly more fond of deviantart lately, though I still h
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So I finally caved and got an acconut here. I'd been resisting because I find devart deeply, deeply annoying in countless ways, but more and more people whose art I want to watch are showing up here, so I caved just for the watchlist and x-rated art. ...I haven't actually found the watchlist functionality yet, mind you, because deviantart is deeply, deeply annoying. And the interface for updating my account is borked, so there's a 75% chance that this entry will disappear instead of actually posting. Oh, my username here is my usual username reversed (I'm generally Melannen) because some horrible Aimee LotR fangirl already has Melannen. Lot
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psst. ~SilverDolphin does photography. Especially relevant to your interests--her gallery full of photographs of illuminated texts and rare volumes. Check her out.
Sorry you have so much trouble of Devart's interface. Perhaps you'll get used to it. And seeing as no one has yet, I figured I'd be first to welcome you to Devart. Oh, and your interests: Poking the cats. Fantastic.
I'm slowly learning! It's still annoying in ways, but there's a lot of functionality here - it's just finding it that's hard.

(I will be assimilated.)

Thanks for the welcome! Now I have to go poke a cat. :D
Well that's good. I hope you can find some enjoyment in this site. I sure have.

"We are the Borg."

No problem. Oh, and poke it twice, for me.