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Welcome to my price list for 2021.

I’ll be accepting a max of five slots at a time, check if a slot is available here:

Raphtalia - Rising of the Shield Hero

Background options (characters and props not included)

simple flat color: 200/ €2,00

simple gradient color: 300/€3,00

decoration/geometric form: 500/€5,00

complex background:

- sketch: 1000 /€10,00

- lineart: 2000 /€20,00

- flat colors: 5000 /€50,00

- cell shading: 6000/€60,00

- soft shading: 7000/€70,00

Hot springs relax - second redraw - Kalum

special package:

Underwater background (cell or soft shaded) for 2000/€20,00.

This underwater package includes sand, cliff, bubbles. Characters,props, underwater life (fish, corals etc.) not included.

Character options (background not included)



Head to shoulders

- sketch: 700/€7,00

- lineart: 1000/ €10,00

- flat colors: 1500/€15,00

- cell shading: 2000/€20,00

- soft shading: 2500/€25,00

Half body

Head to hips

- sketch: 1000/€10,00

- lineart: 1500/ €15,00

- flat colors: 2000/€20,00

- cell shading: 2800/€28,00

- soft shading: 3500/€35,00

Full body

Head to toes

- sketch: 1500/€15,00

- lineart: 2000/ €20,00

- flat colors: 2700/€27,00

- cell shading: 3000/€30,00

- soft shading: 4000/€40,00

Props options

These are objects that aren’t part of the character’s design or the background)

- small objects (>10cm - 50cm): 200/ €2,00 - 500/ €5,00

- medium size objects (50cm - 1,50 cm): 500/ €5,00 - 1200/ €12,00

- big objects (more than 1,50 cm): 1200/ €12,00 - 2500/ €25,00

Commissions model

Modus operandi:

  1. Send me a note or comment under this journal with what you'd like (provide full body reference please);

  2. If I accept your commission, full payment is needed ahead; I'll create a widget for you on my profile if you pay with points, I'll send you my Paypal (but be aware that the prices are in euros and not in dollars) if you want to pay with money;

  3. Once you paid I'll start working. I'll send you a sketch of the commission through the notes section.

  4. If there is something to change this is the moment: after I've drawn the lineart I won't be making changes. Please keep in mind this, only the sketch can be changed.

  5. Once the sketch is done and I had the ok from you I'll proceed to complete the commission. It usually takes me from two to four of weeks to finish it all.

  6. I shall then post the commission on my profile and you can ask for the file trough, I'll send you the link. You can also repost the drawing but you always have to credit me for the artwork and the drawing is for personal use only.

What I do: Transformers, Gormiti, humans (all sexes and ages), furry, anthro, couples (LGBTQ, straight, anything,) aliens, OCs, Canons, Mecha, NSFW (*this requires a custom price, contact me via notes to know more)

What I won't do: CP, realistic portraits, imitate a style (I have my own and honestly I’m pretty bad at copying...)

What is better to ask me first: gore, animals, dragons and monsters (those that have a complex design), fetishes or peculiar requests because I might don't know how to draw them

Check the commissions I've already done here:

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TheAnonymousBondageG's avatar

I'm curious, but one I can only pay in points and two my idea's kind of an edgy joke

NenesArt's avatar

I can easily tell you I‘ve heard and seen all kind of stuff. Even if it’s an edgy joke I might do it XD

TheAnonymousBondageG's avatar

But I can only pay in points, which I have to gather first. And can I reuploaded on my page without the watermark?

NenesArt's avatar

Once the picture is yours you can upload it on your page without DA’s watermark. I personally don’t recommend it since there is no guarantee that the picture won’t end up anywhere else with the proper credits but once it’s yours you are free to do what you want. You can’t resell it though XD

TheAnonymousBondageG's avatar

Of course I would never sell it. But if you want to hear the pitch I can send you it in notes with a nice template I made if you're interested

NenesArt's avatar
TheAnonymousBondageG's avatar

Fantastic! Now how do I send notes again…

NenesArt's avatar

I think notes are a bit hidden with the new Eclipse update, you can send me a message. On my profile, somewhere, there should be the option to send me something like a message or start a chat. I’ll write you first if you prefer.

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Warriorcatsfan47's avatar

do you take writing commissions?

NenesArt's avatar

Unfortunately not, English is not my first language and I don’t feel confident enough to use it for written commissions...:(

Warriorcatsfan47's avatar
NenesArt's avatar

I don’t think it will be something that will come soon, I mainly focus on drawing. I can draw comics but I need a script so, even in that case, I won’t be the one doing the writing... I’m sorry

Warriorcatsfan47's avatar

what writers do you use then?

NenesArt's avatar

Those who commission me comics write a script themselves.

My own personal comics are in Italian and I translate them afterwards.

Warriorcatsfan47's avatar
NenesArt's avatar

No, I’m sorry... you can look for “writing commissions” here on DeviantArt and see if you can find something.

SurgeAventura's avatar

I'm interested in all this proposal but the problem how to get the commission points ? :(

NenesArt's avatar

Here you will find all of the infos you need to know about points:

DracoTyrannus's avatar

This is very thorough with precise! I doubt I can ever pay with points, but at the very least, I could try to start a PayPal! Although I have no idea how to transfer dollars to euros, LOL...

NenesArt's avatar

That is actually not a problem because I usually send a link to my Paypal page. On this page you can input the price in Euros and it will automatically deduct the right amount from your account regardless of your currency.

Of course when you do this Paypal takes a fee but it’s quite small so I don’t mind

DracoTyrannus's avatar
Oh, sure:) This will, for sure be some time before I can get a PayPal, but hopefully it won't be that long!;)

Oh, by the way, I hope you don't mind my asking, but would it be alright if I made a request on the Pool section? I hope you don't mind my asking, XD.
NenesArt's avatar

No of course you can! Pool commissions are open to everybody, just read the new regulations, I worked some things out from the last experience and hopefully this will work better.

DracoTyrannus's avatar
Thank you so much! I'll request it tonight if that's alright, (real life, ya know).

Sadly it's up there with pretty much every other commission you've done, but I hope you will like it at least a little!;)
raceboy258's avatar

Sounds good enough for me.

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