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Whose puppy is it?

Rin: Woah! Whose puppy is it? So adorable~
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such a lovely photo
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So cute! I love her expression!
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Hahahhahah!!! She looks crazy!! o_0
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She is really surprised to find such a cute puppy. :XD:
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Rin looks so much cuter with short pigtails!
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Btwm where u buy that? amazone?
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This is called a 'Nendoroid', a type of collectible figure featuring super-deformed characters. :D

I get it from a local figures/toys store (
You can try browsing at for worldwide shipping.
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i know its a nendroid, have some too at home, but i dun know where to buy the nendroid parts
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Oh ... sorry about that. XD
What do you mean by "Nendoroid parts"? Which one are you referring to? :D
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like the face expression part and Different hand parts
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Well, actually the Nendoroid in this pic are using several parts from several Nendoroid:

Hair: Nendoroid Kokonoe Rin
Face: Nendoroid Yune
Body: Nendoroid Yune

Mix-matching various Nendoroid parts from many Nendoroid makes Nendoroid fun to play. :D
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The puppy :"I'm gonna eat you!"
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lol :D creative interpretation there XD
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Is that a puppy in my pocket? XD
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Lol, this reaction. So cute! X)
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I want it right now!
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Are you referring to the puppy? :D
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