End of Summer Already?

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Wow, Last time I wrote in this was last year. Sorry for the time of absence. Just thought I should let ya'll know I'm alive, open for commissions, and other places you can find my work online!

It's been a bit of a dry spell art wise. 
If you'd like to commission me: Unlazy Commissions
If you want to see more recent updates then you should bookmark: unlazy.com
If you're on tumblr you can follow me at: unlazy sightings
I've also got an artist page on Facebook: Unlazy Nenaluna

I still have one convention left this year, NekoCon, but I might back down if I don't figure out a few things. I'm going through a lot emotionally and trying to take care of things the best I can. That being said, I'm grateful for all my friends and the people closest to me for understanding. I tend to hold things in and not communicate as well as I should. I also put others needs before my own with out intending too. Don't really want to talk about it so please don't ask. Thanks for stopping by! I hope to post some art at some point.

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And many more! Feel free to look through my [Friends] Section on my profile page.
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