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Some day I'll make this journal look snazzy. Until then here are some words.

Nekocon was lots a fun and a great way to end the convention season. Now I'm looking into which conventions I'd like to attend next year. I'll post a list once I'm done. I've been more consistent with my daily comics so do check it out. Fall has been rough for me in a lot of ways but I feel I'm getting better in a lot of other ways. Ace is peppy as usual. My lovely roommates are supportive as ever. I'll be going home for the holidays in December. Still nothing new to post in this gallery but hopefully soon I'll have something I'd be willing to post. I sure have a lot of work ahead of me if I want to live off my art work but I'm feeling a bit more motivated lately.

Oh yes! I have a new computer. It is nice and fast. Makes me happy. I've been playing PokemonX and Animal Crossing New Leaf a lot lately. I will be picking a GuildWars 2 night for myself so if you have GW2 maybe we can play sometime! I will need to set up a timer for how much time I can dedicate at each sitting. A long time ago on deviantART people used to comment on my page and journal more often. I'd also post more and reply to all the messages. I feel like times aren't as warm and cozy here as they were. It's ok though since I'm not here as often. Still, if you're new to my page or recently stumbled across me please feel free to say hello. I won't bite and will enjoy getting to chat/meet new people. It might even inspire me to draw more things to post on dA. 

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I follow you on tumblr, but for some reason I can't seem to comment on there.