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Colosseum Reference Sheet

By NenaLuna
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This is for :iconthecolosseum:

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Reference: You are here!

Fritz fights with her claws. Very strong but not so fast. She can take a might big beating and still get back up. Doesn't use magic and has no thumbs.

Jenbi fights with her silk stings. She can manipulate their strength making them super strong or very fragile. Her magic attacks consist mainly of deception. She can make illusions from Fritz's dreams appear and attack her opponent. Even though she is stronger then Fritz is asleep the illusions can only stay materialized for up to three attacks then they disappear.

When Fritz falls asleep Jenbi pulls into Dream Eater mode. Her hair is more flowy and her eyes more angular. Also her teeth are pointy. She usually spins a shield out of silk to protect her from physical blows but like the illusions after she takes three attacks the shield disappears and she needs to make a new one.

Please don't kill my characters or tear off any of Jenbi's legs.

I had fun making this but next time I'll try and start a lot earlier. Thank you for reading it. Wish me luck!

*Download the bigger image if you can't read the words.
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TheJohnsonDesignProfessional Interface Designer
wow. REALLY well thought out and sure to be action-packed. i really want to see fritz fight, but more than that, i'd like to see jenbi in dream-eater mode. sounds excitin' :D
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Good luck with this! Looks like you've got some interesting characters, I'm really looking forward to seeing them in action.
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NenaLunaProfessional General Artist
thanks. hopefully they get picked. if they do i'll post some more art of them.