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The Lion King

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Kiss under the cherry tree

Miku and Kaito

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Panty chibi


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Boy of the Sky

Legend of Zelda

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CM: Chibi Rosalie and Mikaela

Stuff for me

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Super Paper Mario

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tokyo mew mew comics

Tokyo Mew Mew

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Luka and Gakupo

Gakupo and Luka

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30 Day Challenge [Jelsa] Day 12 - Making out


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Kaito and Gakupo

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Jason the Toy Maker - Ref Sheet

Name:  Jason Alias: Jason the Toy Maker Current Age:  Ageless Gender:  Male Sexual Preference:  Hetrosexual/Straight Height: 6'3 Appearance: False form:       Red burgundy hair       Golden eyes       Skin a healthy, clean glow       Nails and arms normalTrue Form/ Angered form:      His true white hair      Rotten flesh the breaks and falls apart, and blackens      Green glowing eyes      Sharps nails that cut into skin, rot taking over his arms.      Hole where his music box has been described to layBoth forms: Wears performance marks, IE His neck, his left eye and faint make-up around the eyes.        Both wear the featured ou


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Jeff the Killer

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Levi x Reader. If I fits, I sits. Part 2.

So I'm sitting here in my office with what has to be the most annoying kitty. I cant get stuck with a cute cat like Eren or even Armin, like a little brow kitten with big green eyes looking at you with such youth and determination... I got determination alright. DETERMINATION TO BE A DOG PERSON. His Existence today has been even more vexing then normal. First he made me clean his entire office. oh you would think easy. No. Simple. Tiny Corporal with feline like senses and being able to fit into tight space. Oh he found every fucking speck of dust in that place under every furniture. then proceeded to mew and screech like a miniature bird

Jeff the Killer x Reader

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Happy Easter

Laughing Jack x Jeff the Killer

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Shingeki no Kyojin

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~*~The Party~*~ Levi x Reader

(This was originally a scene in a story I was writing for Wattpad a long time ago... Unfortunately, it didn't do very well. So, I rewrote it and made it better, I think, and decided to put it up on here. I hope you like it!) You grunted as Mikasa pulled your hair, raking the comb through aggressively. Your arms were crossed in a pout across your chest, your back stiff with every painful tug. "Relax," Mikasa deadpanned.  You gritted your teeth as she yanked your head back, "How? You're tearing my hair out."  "It looks great," Sasha said with a mouthful of popcorn. She was sitting on the bed across from you, her hair done up in a curly pon

Levi x Reader

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The 100 Facts Meme - ORIGINAL

Blank memes

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Death Note: The Movie Poster

Death Note

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Teen Titans

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The Last Of Us

The last of Us

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VOCALOID Len and Kaito

Len and Kaito

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You Saved Me. Ciel x Reader Chapter 5

The days seem to pass by so quickly and quietly. In a flash almost two weeks had passed. In the time that you had to yourself you thought a lot about your mother. You wondered if she could see you; if she was watching over you from where ever she was in heaven. You wondered if she thought that you were in good hands or if she missed you.   Ciel had been busy with clients and business matters. Some days they would come to the manor. Other days he would have to leave to go and meet someone. Rarely did you see him at all these two weeks. You didn’t need Ciel to tell you to keep yourself hidden when guests came to the mansion. You had

Ciel x Reader

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Ciel Phantomhive


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Alois x Male!Reader [3]

This took a reeeeeally long time and I'm sorry. I changes this chapter about seven times before I decides to do this and Ot was suppose to be longer but I decided not to stupid reasons, but enjoy! °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° Your times with Alois would be much more harsh. He would increase with his insults and wouldn't do any ges

Alois x Reader

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Clouds - Mist Photoshop and GIMP Brushes

Awesome brushes for photoshop

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Sebastian x shinigami reader,Demonic love,Part 7

~Your P.O.V.~ I opened my eyes. My head hurt a lot and i looked around me. It looked like a old room,broken floorboards and dust. I sat in a chair with my feet and hands bound. "Hello? Is there someone?!"i screamed for help. Suddenly the door opened. A man walked inside,he had ginger hair. He has purple color eyes and wears pink and blue eyeshadow and under his right eye he has a blue fleur-de-lis. He was wearing a blue tailcoat with a red ribbon tied in a bow around his neck. He has a black tophat that was decorated with a red ribbon and two feathers. He was wearing shortblack pants,white gloves and black boots with golden buttons. He almost

Sebastian x Reader

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Happy Birthday, Yuu!~

Owari no Seraph

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[Mikaela Hyakuya x reader] My Own Will

“Miii~ka-chan~” You sang as you turned a corner seeing a panting male who was clutching his chest. “Eh? Didn’t you drink Krul-chan’s blood before we got here?” You asked Mika, who in return just glared at you. Sighing you loosened your collar a bit and went near him. “If you don’t want to suck from a human then you can drink mine.” You offered and tilted your head to give him access. “I don’t need it.” The blond finally spoke and clutched his chest tighter, signaling that he was having more trouble in breathing and his desire for blood was getting stronger. You just sm

Mikaela x Reader

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Lind Tachibana (Dance with Devils)

Dance with Devils

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Diabolik Lovers: Subaru Golden Treasure

Diabolik Lovers

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(Diabolik Lovers) LaitoxReader *Scenario Version*

(Diabolik Lovers) Laito x Reader  *Scenario Version* Author’s Note: This is a small scenario of where (Y/n) is under the blankets, just about to fall asleep until she feels something touch her leg and noticed someone else’s movement O.O let me know if I should make more of these if you guys like them and it doesn't have to be from Diabolik Lovers so don’t be shy to suggest a character ~^.^~ (Y/n): *slowly closes eyes, just about to fall asleep until she felt something glide/touch her legs* “Hm…?” *tries to comprehend what’s happening in her half-asleep state* Laito: *chuckles* “Nfu~ You feel

Laito x Reader

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Poka Poka Shiteru Dake

Mermaid Swamp

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I'm a Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

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Yandere!Ayato Kirishima: A Captive Dove

        The pattering of raindrops played a gentle and somber rhythm against the rooftops of the towering buildings of Ward 14.  The noise of the bustling city could be heard in the far distance, its inhabitants hurrying along, minding to their own lives and business.         Yet, lurking within the seemingly safe comfort of the city, there hid a sinister and looming threat.  Shadow cast onto the walls by a dim and yellow light, a grotesque, squelching sound was barely heard under the noisy chatter of the city.  Anyone who had their humanity would have left in haste, quivering from t

Ayato x Reader

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Batman Arkham Knight: Harley Quinn

Batman: Arkham Knight

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Edward Kenway

Assassins Creed IV

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Mida Rana studies

Yandere Simulator

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Satsuki - ORION de Shout Out

Uta no Prince-sama

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Mystic Messenger

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Kids Next Door

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Devils and Realist

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Peaceful Sleep

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine

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Amy and Ayano - Casual Time

People using my models

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Rin Okumura

Ao no Exorcist

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Chisa Yukizome


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Shokugeki no Soma 169: Revenge

Shokugeki no Souma

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Beelzebub 162


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[BES] Assassination Classroom

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

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