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I am working on a website for my Chibi soldiers, as I plan on writing a dorky fanfiction for them someday, and I wanted to have pictures of each soldier on her respective profile page. I didn't want anything too elaborate, because then it would be better off in a gallery, so I thought busts would be nice. ^_^

Unfortunately, I wanted them to work with the coloured backgrounds of the intended pages, so instead of drawing them and scanning them, I sketched the base and then did the rest on the computer. It was a long and tedious I couldn't bear to only save it in 400px by 400px for the profile page.

Here is Sailor Chibi Mars's profile image, in a much larger format with a horrible attempt at a spiffy background. I hope the colouring has enough contrast--I'm working on a computer with a dark monitor, so sometimes things look great when they're deathly pale on any other screen. @_@

Hino Reika / Sailor Chibi Mars © Nemuii 2007
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