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Winter Kiss



Hey everyone! I came out of hybernation,and decided to post another artwork. I would like to make a premise: I am a huge (and help me say HUGE) fan of Marvel’s comics and movies, and I have a particular soft spot for X-Men and the Avengers as a team, but I don’t usually draw anything related to them because I suck at drawing male figures and I have never felt confident enough into trying to draw them. However, recently I got the chance to catch up on all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies that came out and I couldn’t watch because of my motherhood (when you have a toddler, the only thing you want to do in the evening is catching some z), and let me tell you: I was totally blown away by the Captain America Trilogy, particularly by the Winter Soldier, and I got so caught up by it I had to dig up all the comics and read them. I literally felt so inspired and touched by the story of Bucky Barnes, his torture and brainwashing at the hand of Hydra,  that I had to give it a try and draw him.
However, I didn’t feel confident enough to draw him by himself, so I decided to illustrate a romantic “almost kiss” with Vanessa Caruso, an oc I had around that I haven't used yet (and this might just be an occasion to do so! :D). So, this is the final result, and let me tell you, I am pretty happy about how it turned out. I had a lot of fun colouring his metallic arm (much less fun in drawing it, with all the little details that truly drove me crazy), and experimenting with both Paintool Sai and Medibang Paint. I also took the chance of practicing drawing on a tablet, and while I loved doing the lineart in Medibang, I still feel that Paintool Sai is much better for the shading.

However, expect to see more Winter Soldier’s related artwork, because it’s my intention to practice more with the tablet and Medibang. 

Also, as you know, I suck really hard at poses and drawing more than one person at the time, and because of this, I decided to use a reference picture, plus the help of my husband (his going to the gym is really beneficial for me, since I can use him as my personal model when I don’t know how to draw a fit man and his muscles! :giggle: ) . I used this lovely picture (… ) as a reference for my Bucky and Vanessa’s artwork, even though I had to flip it, since Bucky’s metal arm is the left one and I wanted it to show in the picture.

Well, enough with the bubbling!

I really hope you will like it!



Vanessa Caruso © : iconnemoturunen: (me)
James “Bucky” Buchanan Barnes © Marvel
Art © :iconnemoturunen: (me)
Pose reference ©

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