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Are you still there...?

Are you still there...?

It's been a LONG time. How have you been? I've been thinking about posting again. That would be interesting. Of course, I left the place a total mess on my way out, and the cobwebs have really let themselves go. I've been poking around and cleaning up a little bit. They're not making it an easy task. Clingy much, DeviantArt? I wonder who's still floating around out there? Wanna come over and play? Don't mind the piles of garbage over there. I'll get to cleaning it up eventually. On a related note, did I really let that mind poop just sit on my account for all the world to see... for years and years? Dear lord. Some of the journal entries..

Do you want to see some West-End on DA, or would you ra...

  |  10 votes
  • I wanna see it here!
  • I wanna see it there!
  • I wanna see it EVERYWHERE!
  • Uhm....

Why do YOU think I'm going through this epic fail phase...

  |  8 votes
  • Some sort of weird manifestation of depression
  • Lack of proper motivation
  • Losing my 'edge' (did I ever really have one...? Maybe when I was like ten...)
  • Discouraged with life...
  • Something else entirely (comment please)

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RogueSarethProfessional Digital Artist
Hey guess what!

I'm being a pain in the ass XD
RogueSarethProfessional Digital Artist
Yes XD very much
Good job son.
Thank for the fav.

I invite you to the group
Why thank you =]