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ASCII Self Portrait

After reading about *diamondie's ASCII comp, I felt like it was time to submit another ASCII piece. I'm not going to enter this one in the competition cause I feel like I'm cheating, using my image manipulation & reference techniques. But I'm still proud of this piece, it took a decent amount of time.

A lot people liked my previous ASCII portrait, It Figures & I enjoy doing them just as much. I realize that I have submited a previous ASCII self portrait in my Scraps. The thing is there's so much shitty stock out there, I couldn't easily locate a good reference pic with a wide range of tones . Honestly kids, if you don't know how to take a picture, don't submit stock.

reference pic

If you really like ASCII portraits, I'd highly recommend checking out Black Jack . He was my initial inspiration going into the field, & his work totally rocks my world.
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Another great work. Keep it up!
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what program did you use to make this?
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Thats good!!!
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I like this "full view" image, it is really cool. :matteo:
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AWFULLY GORGEOUS. How have u done it? :D
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Amazingly done, flawless, a true example of inspiration for most ASCII artists including myself. I still wonder how you can make an image of this with the same font used in MS-DOS. This can seem like a dumb question, and it is one. It's just that I used Edit to make a picture, but it won't let me take a realistic screenshot.
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wow its way better when u in large
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full view is awesome. Well done.
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Somewhat minimalist, but still retains detail. :D
I :heart: this.
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Shamelessly narcissistic.... really nemo, I would have expected it from tugg, but not you ;)
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this is cute :D i might have used different chars. though
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Hey, Adam, from Maroon5? I'm a huge fan. Meet me at Zest?

Anywho, this is amazing. I stared at it for about 10 minutes, till my suitemate reminded me about the papers I have to write.
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WOW, god damn I love this one =)
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you should pop by #mimic or #ascii on efnet and check out some other ascii groups and packs, and also if you're interested [link] has the ascii scene archive of the last 10+ years, there's some really incredible stuff to check out. Also watch for the Best of Mimic #2 pack being released soon, featuring the best releases from mimic packs #31-60.

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David, This is too cool! -YD
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Great ASCII piece and i've always wondered how on earth people can make them. I mean typing away little pieces and still keeping in mind the "big picture", that's just something which mind boggles me and amazes me at the same time.

Great work and effort and i share your thoughts about stock photos, most of them are really bad.
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Wow, good work (though what else could be expected from you). I really have to start experimenting with dotty backgrounds, I've recently seen how well they can work. Your character palette is weird, but it works nicely. Perhaps the bottom part of the nose looks a bit weird.
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Sweet! do you have a program for that or is it manual work?
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Too much free time nowadays? It is pretty cool
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He does have soem nice stuff. But Yours seems to have more values in it. Good not about stock you put there.
I like that your black areas are outliend by a neutral bkgd.
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