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The Suffragette

Back into commute drawing a bit! These more intricate pieces are more fun to think about, but rushing the details while the train is stopped starts to get grate on you.

"Votes for Women!"

The "official" Suffragettes were early 20th century feminists who often used extreme or even violent tactics in their quest for women's civic rights.

It was only a short jump for me to represent the industrial patriarchy as a shadowed zeppelin, riding the caricature of a "proper" wife. My initial idea had more propaganda-style banners of domestic "bliss", but there was already so much going on I didn't add them.

4" x 6" commute drawing
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This is amazing! How long are your commutes?
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The continuous sitting down part of the commute is about 40 minutes each way. But this wasn't one sitting :) (Especially since you need to wait for the train to stop to do the details.)
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i do love it
it help me to in my project thanks
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It helped you in your project? That's fun! What was the project?
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Belated thanks!
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Great piece! I love the lighting here, even as B&W
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Thanks! Getting the lighting right in pencil sometimes takes me a few passes in places. The people on the train must think I'm crazy. "Why is he coloring the area he's already colored? Who's he trying to fool?" That or they have their own business to worry about and ignore the self-conscious guy with the sketchbook.

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This is amazing. I would love to see it on a bigass poster with a nice apocalyptic color scheme. I love how the men looking down from the zeppelin seem confused, as if they're wondering who in the world this funny woman thinks she is.
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Thanks a lot! Something about them reminds me of the bankers in Mary Poppins.
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Haha, I can see it.
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This is amazing, and so well composed.
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Thanks very much! I was worried you couldn't make out the giant face, but then I went "dude, it's a giant face." :)
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Ah ha, I can assure you that that is the first thing I noticed.
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This might be one of the best works out there.It shows devotion and talent as well as the precision of a true artist.:DKeep up the good job!
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Wow, thanks! What an amazing thing to say. I'm extremely flattered. :)
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Thats pretty cool and epic
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this is sooooooooo incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you soooooooo much! :D
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Whoaa! This is epic! The girl's heroic jump into the slightly villainous looking men hovering above her is a brilliant concept; and the detail conveyed through the shading is simply gorgeous :)
It was frightening what women had to do back then to get rights, and I think this picture really shows that.
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Thank you! I love how a drawing comes to life through light and shading. I wonder if there are toned paper sketchbooks.
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You're welcome!
Oho, I wish there were...
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