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Alice and the Caterpillar

A colored version of the sketch. Alice is a little skeptical.
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Oh my..!! I love this n_n
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Thanks so much!
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I Love the colors :D
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Thanks!  Wonderland requires all the saturations.
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Very very sweet one ! 
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Extraordinarily belated thanks!
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Alice: "These mushrooms are safe?"
Caterpillar: "I never said anything about safe. You asked me if they would help"

Details Shmetails.
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Finally! I've been waiting for you to upload something :D The colours are very vibrant and it suits the whole 'Alice in Wonderland' theme very well! If I'm not mistaken, it looks like a sketch coloured digitally? o.o
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Ha! Well, I've been away a bit since I lost my sketchbook and then went on a big reading stint. Maybe more this summer!

This one was indeed a sketch I drew with my kids one day. My wife liked it, so I colored it for her. :)
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Ooooh sounds like an exciting adventure! XD I know that once I get into a book too much, it's hard to get back into the real world ;)

-with- your kids??? o.o and aww, that's so sweet of you - I bet she has a whole wall full of your drawings!
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It is our bathroom wall :)
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