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I just so much love the last episode, so I made this.
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Perfectly captures the Noir style, Rarity looks awesome.
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This has to be one of the best MLP - if not the best - artistic drawing I've ever seen. In fact, not just MLP but as an art piece overall. Brilliant!
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--Oops, I accidentally added it to "Favorites" when I was supposed to add it to MLP:FiM Art Collection. ^^;

Cool art, though!
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This is incredible! How did you manage to render the water so well!?
SentireAeris's avatar
The title is almost as good as the art! haha :)
Advent3546's avatar
...and along the way he became the most powerful stallion in the whole state of Equestria.
Paulicus1's avatar
She looks pretty intense
cajobif's avatar
"Should have brought my umbrellla. This rain will ruin my outfit."

Wonderful work
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Most excellent.  Noir and Rara go together like Bogart and Bacall.
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The shading and detail is fantastic, except for 1 part, the mouth is killing it for me :L
Other than that this is superb!
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Well, I've got an earlier version:
Maybe it would look better for you.
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They're both about the same to me, just something about the placement and size seems off. But it's better than anything I could draw. Keep it up ;)
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Rarity is best detective pony!
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Don't forget about Twilight Holmes.
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She's contemplating how fucking stupid she is for bothering to investigate in the first place and wasting everybody's time.
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Dang man! This is fantastic! The way this price is lit is freaking awesome.
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WOW <3<3<3<3 this is fantastic <3<3<3=)
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