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The Nightmare

This was an exercise meant to set a younger Sapphire and Steel in a historical setting by reinterpreting a classical piece of art to accommodate them. This particular piece was "The Nightmare" painted in 1781 by Henry Fuseli. Oddly enough, my interpretation is actually more normal than the original.
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You know what, I really like this. :D At first I wasn't too sure about the choice of painting to model them after, but the more I look at it the more it seems to fit.
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Thanks! I always thought that the mood of that painting and the mood of "Sapphire and Steel" correlated well.
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Nice work. Tough angles, and I love the drapery
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Oh, that under-the-chin and extreme foreshortening was a challenge and no mistake. The cloth was actually the most fun thing to do in this piece (the original had a lot more drapery, but the scanner is only so big and so I had to prioritize my characters over background!).
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This is pretty. The colours are very vibrant, especially on the dress. :)
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Thanks. As color is something of a new medium to me, I'm always glad when someone likes how I've done it.
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