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The Sacrifice

There's a lot to this picture that came along as I made it: As usual I started with the head with not much in mind on what would be made of it, but the more angry his expression got the more I realized what to make of it.
Then I decided to, in a way, pay homage to a certain famous painting by Carl Larsson called Midwinter sacrifice.…

I decided that this would take place in my own fantasy world, where this man is being sacrificed by having his throat slit to feed the stones seen on the altar with his blood to give them energy...
He is not actually guilty for the crime in question; he's merely in the way for something bigger. I don't know why, but for some reason I decided that the priest-fellow on the altar is the real culprit.
Barbaric rituals such as these will not play a big role in this world of mine, but they are important to indicate how important it is for a certain character to put an end to these activities and unify the various kingdoms.

There are some things about this picture that I'm not very happy with:
For example the priest's arms are far too long, and there's no sign that the sacrifice is actually a captive.
I AM considering to reedit this a bit by adding some restraints around his throat to better indicate his captivity, but I am rather reluctant to do so as well, because if I do so, it can't be undone... 
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Good story and good concept of blood magic. Dont worry about mistakes, every pain gives a lesson. Here is little trick, that i sometimes dont use, make a blueprint of the picture with weak lines.:) (Smile) 
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Thanks. The story itself is still in development, so I'm currently only drawing the things I know will take place.

Recently I have been starting sketching a scenario before I actually start drawing. Not always though, as I do enjoy to see where the pencil takes me every now and then.