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This guy is something I came up with sometime in high school when I was thinking about adventures such as Tintin, Captain Nemo, Odysseus and Indiana Jones.
And then some short time ago I suddenly remembered him and decided to see if I could redraw him.
The story itself is not a very original one: Sometime around World war I or II (never could decide when...) some sailors on an American delivery ship salvage a small boy from the ocean. The boy has no memory and the only potential way to identify him is with a German dog tag that has been so damaged that they cannot read the name.
Instead of branding him an enemy or turning him into the governments, they decide to keep him and raise and educate him themselves, and he's doing quite well; well enough to eventually become the captain.
As a grown man, he and his crew take on any job there is, legal or no, and stumble on any sort of sea adventure there is, and meet a lot of mythological creatures along the way.

One thing that once bothered me was that I never came up with a name for him, but that's where Odysseus and Nemo gave me the idea that not having a name or even being called "nobody" is actually kind of cool.
And lo and behold, that's when I decided that his ship should be called the S.S. Nemo.

I never wrote any of his adventures down when I came up with them, so there's no actual memory of him, except how annoyed he was with the leviathans, not because the were dangerous, but because the were a bother...
But it was still quite fun to be reminded of the guy after so many years.
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