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Happy Birthday, Lucciola

Last Exile is one of those animes that I consider to be more than just entertaining, but also beautiful.
I've wanted to make a fan-art dedicated to this show for some time and then one day I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Spoiler warning
The scenario here takes place a short time after the first anime; Dio is with the Silvius crew and is yet to meet the sky pirates.
I had originally no exact thought on when this was taking place, but suddenly the idea came to me that on the anniversary when Dio met Lucciola for the first time and gave him his name, Dio was just sitting by himself thinking about his lost friend when suddenly a firefly comes around for a visit...

I went for a mix between both the original series and the sequel, for example Dio's face is a bit longer like in the sequel, but he still has his hair in a braid and is yet to have it in a red tie. And I tried to make his hair a slight bit longer than in the original as well.
His attire was a major pain in the ass, because I wanted it to look legit, but I rarely had a way to look it up while I was working on this...
One thing I really regret is that I forgot to add the goggles that Claus gave him on his birthday, but I try not to think to much about that, since there's no way to change that without just screw it all up. And I am very happy with the end result as it is anyway.

I think it's safe to say that Dio (totally gay by the way, and that's fine!) became my favorite character in the Last Exile Universe, especially with that... (shall we call it) "birthday fetish" he got after his friends threw him a proper feast instead of that Guild-stuff.
I really wish they'll make a third show one day, potentially with Dio as the main character. 
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I think I liked Lucciola more than Dio. But..... yeah.

I like the abstract effect of having Luci's face rippling away in the background like that. :thanks:
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Thank you. There was a lot of erasing going on at that particular part before I was satisfied.