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Sketch of Therizinosaurus with an almost penguin-like, erect stance.
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Fantaztique!! Btw are their feet really that stumpy?
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The colors remind me of...a kiwi. :iconiloveitplz:
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Fantastic. I think the upright pose you illustrated is probable for feeding and confrontation. I expect them to have leaned forward a bit more (but still quite upright) when they were going somewhere that took more than a couple of steps, as walking would be more efficient that way.
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Thanks! I'll refine this according to your feedback and prepare a more fleshed-out reconstruction. I also speculated about t.saurs spending most of their time on their backsides, shuffling about baby-style ([link]) and getting up only to walk and run, but that might have been unlikely.
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Lol, I think that may be a bit less likely!
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Interesting. I wonder how it would look walking in that pose though. Would bending the knee even further cause problems?

The feathers remind me of something I was wondering about a day ago: did therizinosaur have the kind of complex protofeathers that could be green in colour due to structural color, or were they restricted to melanins?
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This idea grows more and more on me as I study theizinosaur and bird skeletons, but I have no professional conclusions.
Perhaps therizinosaurs sat most of the time on their haunches, and moved forward in a weird "baby-butt-shuffle" mode, [link] (like this movie,) with wing-like flaps of their arms helping them shuffle forward. They could do a plodding walk or move Greg-Paul style as juveniles, or when they really had to run.

I'm not sure about the green color - it was speculative. Most likely they were dark brown or black, covered with feathers - or spikes or pongolin-type scutes?
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Is that a fourth claw in the right hand? (I'm not implying that it is)
nemo-ramjet's avatar
No, just an artifact of the sketchy style...
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Congrats! You have managed to take a weird, specialized animal and make it look far, far weirder. This is a handsome looking Therizinosaur.
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Pretty color scheme!
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Sexy beast. I love those things.
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Really liking the sketchy style.

So different to what i've seen from you before :D
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Thanks! I'm trying out new styles, sort of like the R&D of art.
Why is it standing so erect? Is this a new hypothesis on its normal stance, or is it just rearing up?
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This is my armchair-hypothesis. I looked at the skeletons of penguins, and thought - "wow, Therizinos could have done the same too!"
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Great, I like it!
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sweet! are those really what its legs supposedly look like? looks like it would fall over
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