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Dinosauroids Teaser 02

Remember the dinosauroids? ( [link] )

Over the past month I worked extensively on their culture, and imagined how their troglodyte art might look like on the walls of the Miocene. In this complex arts project I'm trying to find links between our evolution and our art, fossils and spontaneous painting, all the while running around naked, pretending I'm a theropod.

Visit it TODAY at
to see more Dinosauroid art.
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Does the 2nd link still work?
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ive been looking for your work for a while after i remembered seeing it from awhile back, when i stumble on this, could you provide another link to the webste? it seems that the other one's down.:(
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When I open the link to the site I get the stie of a jewelry.DAFUQ?Otherwise this is very interesting.
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For some reason when I open the link to the site I get a jewelry`s site instead.DAFUQ?Otherwise it`s a really intersting piece of art.
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clever again!
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I remember I created a response picture to that. You might be interested. [link]
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My god if you don't kick ass.
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How very cool! There's something of Chinese brushstrokes int his one...
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Great conceptual work and well executed, Nemo.

Though if, you wanted to be really hardcore you should have gone walk-about and collected interestingly colored rocks and soil to produce pigments from.

At least I had thought of doing that back in the day, and this was a reminder of sorts. Don't keep your breath baited on it though...
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...I am unsure whether that is one of it's offspring on the end of that spear.
nemo-ramjet's avatar
Nope, nope, it's a game bird. This is all explained in the website itself.
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linke baktım da cok daha hos seyler gördüm,patlatmıssın bu defa matteo:
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:) çok teşekkür ederim!
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