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David Peters' Pteranodon

David Peters is a pterosaur researcher with very heterodox ideas about the origins, look and the method of study of these interesting fossil creatures.

I don't agree with his ideas, but Peters' bizarre interpretations of pterosaurs just beg to be illustrated. This is a preliminary study.

Here is more info about David Peters' strange theories.
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To the Petersdactyl!
TheDubstepAddict's avatar
He is creative ad much as his 'pterosaurs' are inaccurate. I REALLY like his designs, even if it isn't possible in any way to call it paleoart
IThinkOfaNameLater's avatar
I'm confused though does peters actually believe that pterosaurs looked like this or is it just for art.
paleosir's avatar
Lol, Peters is awesome.
I'm using his ideas for game designs.
LaPerleo's avatar
I know that they are beyond inaccurate, but i think his pterosaurs look really cool
BittyKitty1's avatar
Someone needs to put Peters' creatures into a fantasy world. They may be inaccurate, but... well... they honestly look pretty epic by themselves!
Dinodc98's avatar
David used to be good then he kinda whent off the deep end.😢 miss the old David Peters.
SadisticLoser's avatar
I mean, they're inaccurate, but they're kinda cool looking.
Saurornithoides's avatar
This is sad. I'd like to see how a documentary would handle this.
McTalon's avatar
How the heck would something with display structures like those be able to get into the air?
HaxEX2's avatar
The Notorious David Peters everyone.
Algoroth's avatar
Nemo! Is your avatar a :llama: from Mars????!!!
Traheripteryx's avatar
Wouldn't be that uncomfortable?
TheRealMaestro's avatar
In a display of sheer irony, Peters actually posted this TODAY - [link]
DOTB18's avatar
The one thing about David Peters that really drives me crazy is his seeming "illiteracy" of phylogenetic trees. He's somehow convinced himself that the rest of us are convinced that pterosaurs are descended from phytosaurs. :iconfacepalmplz:
i-stamp's avatar
Did you hear he's back now? He's over at [link]
Dinodc98's avatar
Ha he says Robert Bakker has a free floating imagination that's ironic.
nemo-ramjet's avatar
I actually have great respect for Peters and his art, but don't find most of his "novel" theories plausible.
i-stamp's avatar
He does have a couple ideas I can get behind every now and again, but it's a rare thing. What do you think about the whole 'Bellubrunnus upturned wing tip just a result of unnaturally twisted phalanges' he's been tossing around?
Dinodc98's avatar
His idea of baby pterosaurs being the adult version doesn't seem that far out there either.
AarowSwift's avatar
The big problem with Peters is how prominent his reptile evolution site is. You try looking up some extinct species names or images and his site is a common top hit, and his work is pro and very slick looking. If you don't already know better, you'd think his site was showing accepted info instead of being utterly bonkers.
nemo-ramjet's avatar
In this case, canon palaeontology is in dire need of "Peters capability," in form of a website with plenty of easily digestible, information-rich data and pictures.
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