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All Yesterdays Contest - Apply Today!!!

Contest: Your All Yesterdays

Hi everyone! As Irregular Books, we are holding an All Yesterdays contest for the weirdest, most novel and most imaginative depictions of extinct animals you can come up with. Feel free to be creative or speculate with caution. Will you focus on details of anatomy? Weird, unexplored niches? Or some quirky type of behavior? Any idea is welcome as long as it is illustrated in some form.

The All Yesterdays team will judge the entries submitted. We are looking for original, creative concepts that are at least partially in-line with our current understanding of extinct animals. Better artwork will be better, but good art in itself is not a guaranteed win.

1st prize winner will get a signed book, two signed prints and four postcards.
The 2nd will get two signed prints and four postcards.
The remaining best 10 will get two signed postcards each.

The deadline is February 28, 2012.
All entries must be submitted through

So hurry, and share your All Yesterdays with the rest of the world!
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Traheripteryx's avatar
You said once in the TetZoo podcast, you'll do something like this with Cryptozoologicon, too.
Do you still think about it?
JonaGold2000's avatar
Dinogod's avatar
Where can I see the pics of the contest?
Thanks :D
keesey's avatar
It's been 5 months already -- when are we going to see the winners?
BFG8800GTX's avatar
where can i look at the contest entries?
BaryMiner's avatar
Ahh, I wish this had not ended yet
Tyrannotitan333's avatar
Do you know when the winners will be announced?
piche2's avatar
Hello how are you?. I have a question for them how I have to do to enter this contest, I want to participate in the following?[link]
JWchang's avatar
Nemo, if you search "All Tomorrows Nemo Ramjet", there's this document [link]
This shouldn't be the original book... right? Just want to know where to get pdf, or else the book
bubblekirby's avatar
Oh that book was made by Nemo a few years ago. It's a fun read although a little disturbing
Somnium-23's avatar
So when will the winners be announced?
I wish I found this earlier. :(
Viergacht's avatar
I think I made it in just under the wire! I had a few ideas, but this was the only one I had time to complete: [link]
Uralowa's avatar
kind of late, but is the deadline at 12am tonight, or 12am tomorrow (28th)?? :'c i've nearly finished my entry but i have a lot of water to paint and i've never done water before so i have NO idea who quickly i can get it done... i'm really hoping that i have an extra day just in case ;__; thankyou!!!!
Uralowa's avatar
ahaha nevermind, i've finished it now u vu
T-Weaver's avatar
quick question, is there a limit to the number of entries you can submit? i have quite a few ideas and it is hard to choose
nemo-ramjet's avatar
There's no limit, send as many as you wish! :)
FiftyFootWhatever's avatar
I have an idea illustrated now. I think I should be able to send it in this week if possible. :)
raptorman123's avatar
Three ideas: cave-dwelling pterosaurs, frugivorous pterosaurs, and something like a sanguivorous Epidexipteryx (I mean, come on! Those pointy teeth had to serve some purpose). Out there for anyone looking for ideas.
T-Weaver's avatar
sounds like fun
DinoBirdMan's avatar
I've got eighth All Yesterday artworks. But I still have to finish the rest. And it all thanks to my new ideas.;)
Rodrigo-Vega's avatar
I'm in. I will submit my entry asap.
JWchang's avatar
I do have some ideas but all I can do is some simple sketches...
anyway, is "All Tomorrows" pdf still available?
I hope so... both two websites are shut down
I'll write down my email just in case it is
Teratophoneus's avatar
Man, I am so into that contest. It has hijacked my brain-literally, I have som many ideas and now have to bring them onto paper. Thanks for the contest, it surely is awesome :D
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