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The Prime Madonna

This is the second in a would be series , where I'm graced by people who allow me to use their real life photo ( and a few foundation questions ) to provide mine own mad muse the means of making a new OC . :idea: 

This time about , it's by the charming and much talented artist known as... 


With her enchanting photo , and design to be an OC Villainess... 


Soon will the world awe in her daring " Artistic " crime wave of taking history's masterworks , to be replaced with her own master art endeavors! :evillaugh: 

This was much fun to create :worker: , and I Sincerely Thank you :iconepresvanilia:
for permitting me this inspired effort .. and hope you enjoy this Artwork in itself! :)

And by any who find this artwork worth a fave.. on behalf of :iconepresvanilia: and myself , Thank you well indeed! :bow:
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Brilliant work with my pal there. :)
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Thanks well , it was a fun concept to create :nod: 
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Woah! Such a dastardly villainous goal! :O

I do love her design though man! Nicely done :)
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Thanks my friend! :)   Sort of a mix of the Queen of Hearts and Harley Quinn ;)
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ooh, excellent combo! :D
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Oh my god, it's awesome :D Evil me steeling the Mona Lisa? It was a lesser painting anyway :'D Mine looks better xD
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I'm most happy to hear that! :D ( always hold my breath when it comes to drawing someone's likeness well enough :phew: )

 Thanks Indeed! I'm glad it pleases! :)

And very true , let the art lovers applaud :clap: XD  And the Venus de Milo awaits! ;P
epresvanilia's avatar
Haha, they'll have no idea who stole those paintings and statues :'D I can't thank you enough!
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