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Doodles II

This all started with the one of Lance wiping his own blood onto Scott's cheek... because that's a mature and sensible thing to do. It started off as chibis but got less and less chibi as I went through.


"Hmm, you know I think we should stick to our old uniforms."


I then felt like giving Remy and Piotr civilian outfits... because. I assume that when they join the X-men, they keep their original uniforms. Not least because they would look ridiculous in a New Recruit one. Also, I really like Gambit's one. Colossus' is meh... but his is more about accommodating his powers than looking cool like Remy. Either Magneto has impeccable taste or he let the Acolytes choose their own uniforms. Given the state of Pyro's, I'd say it's the latter.

BUT! My stupid scanner cut off part of Piotr's foot! And I'm too lazy to re-scan... but it still annoys me.


I also think that lighting farts is something that Todd and Fred (and probably Tabitha) would enjoy anyway, even without Pyro. Quite please with Blob and Toad but not so much with St.John.


Let's see... uh... really pleased with the New Recruits... the boys' entangled arms and legs nearly killed me. It pretty much sucked out all of my talent for the evening because everything after that sucks.

Which brings me to the Charles and Erik sketch. I really wanted to actually draw this and not just have it as some rough lines. It would have been the Brotherhood bickering in the background... Pyro burning things... Gambit stalking Rogue maybe and Charles trying to get Erik to listen to all the problems his little troop of delinquents and petty criminals had and were causing. Erik, of course, is not paying any attention.

"Erik, are you even listening to me?"

"No. I'm thinking about how well you'd swim if I pushed you in the pool."

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I see you used the rivalry between Sunspot and Berserker they were originally going to use. Cool.
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There's a scene in "Adrift" where Beast takes the New Recruits inside for 'no powers volleyball' and it's Berzerker and Sunspot who first dissolve into accusations of cheating. So it's there if you look hard enough.

Plus I always figured Iceman would weasel out of actual fights and Cannonball would be too nice.

Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you liked it! :)
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Yeah, I noticed that. Too bad they dropped it, because aside from "Retreat", Sunpot was basically background. Like Wolfsbane.

Probably for the best. Bobby is an omega-level mutant, after all. (In the same class as Storm, Magneto, and Jean)

You're welcome. :D
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I like doodles. Middle bottom, are they checking out his butt?
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Haven't you ever seen a game of Light the Fart?
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