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Water Pattern

By nemaakos
Water pattern.

The package contains the looping pattern shown on the preview image in SVG, JPEG formats and as a photoshop pattern. Used here.

By Ákos Néma, some rights reserved.
    My work is free for personal or commercial use as long as your work differs from this original in some way. Attribution is welcomed but not required. (In other words if you remix it, than it is under CC-BY license.)
    If you just want to spread the word and provide as-is copies of my work, than you are free to do so as long as you give attribution to me, distribute it under the same license and do not use it for commercial purposes. (Read: you cannot sell my work without modifying it, cannot claim it to be your own, or simply repackage it and change the rules. Thus if you want to make simple copies than the CC-BY-NC-SA license applies.)

Also, please consider liking / adding to favorites / providing links to this deviation if you found it useful. This could help others to find it later and make their work easier too.
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The fact that it tiles is also an absolute treat for larger images. Nicely done.
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This is such a great pattern! Thank you for making this!

It was exactly what I was looking for with my painting. Feel no obligation to view it but I'd thought I'd link it anyway.…
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salustiano asked me if it's OK to use this pattern as a background for a blog.

The answer is absolutely yes, using it as a background for something else constitutes as creative use in my book, and therefore the CC-BY license applies.

The purpose of my restrictions is simply to stop people from downloading my pattern and selling it the way it is, without doing anything else with it. Other than that, you are free to use it for whatever creative project you like.
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Hi,  So we're using this pattern design as part of a board game which I will link to when I am able to post images of it.  This pattern is great and simple work and the game developers really liked it's use.  Thanks so much for providing it.
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You are welcome, can't wait to see the results.

The project I originally made this pattern for didn't work out, so I'm glad that at least someone could use it in the end.
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Nice Pattern! I can't wait to use it!!!
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Thanks :D
Have fun with it!
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