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I remember having nightmares with this guy.
Disney Villains for PLANET PULP of this month!

Saludos a todos!!!
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Wow, this is pretty cool!
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I love it, a lot of personality in this. The linework feels very flowing and that gradient tone for the city frames him well.
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Cartoons back then were more realistic than the crap kids watch these days
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HAahahaharr Dat's an excellent depiction o' yours truly!
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I love how traditional and loose your digital work is. Just magnificent.
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this stuff is AWESOME Dude!!!
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Really love the coloring style you used here. What did you do for the shading, create a shape and use a texture inside the shape or some kind of brush?

I also like the linework, it looks digital but you gave it that by-hand-inking feeling to it. Unless it IS by-hand, then it's super clean and that's impressive too.
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Class!!like always...great job!
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Pete: Remember kids, only a Villian like myself would be stupid enough to smoke! Just don't do it. ;)
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This is awesome.. :D
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One of the best characters ever! :D

Awesome work man!Loved the inks.
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Pete was the true hero in those cartoons. Mickey was a selfish little turd...
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of course, lost a leg in the way ;)
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love this technique
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¡Aaaah, está genial!
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