Livestream and Youtube Updates and...Opinions?

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Hey all.  Usually when I make a journal I have to apologize for a year of inactivity.  This time I've been posting art semi-regularly and I hope you've all been enjoying that.  Thanks to everyone who stops by and even more so to those who take the time to comment or favorite a pic.  I've been playing around with video more lately, recording some drawing sessions on Livestream and today I posted a sped of version of one of those sessions on Youtube.  Links below:…

Following me on Twitter is the best way to be notified when I'm about to stream.  I usually tweet about an hour or two before I start streaming, though there is no rhyme or reason to what times I stream.  Twitter:

Upcoming books:
Witchblade #165
Witchblade/Darkness Western issue
Artifacts #29

Should I start using this journal for all that opinion stuff?  I'm being convinced more and more that broad internet opinions are a waste of time.  Then again, this journal or a blog is a much better format than Facebook or Twitter for that kind of thing. Still on the fence....
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It is always great to see and hear new stuff from you. :)

The problem with giving your opinion on the internet, anywhere is that there is always someone, somewhere who thinks their opinion needs to be shared because it is more important/correct than yours, blah, blah blah... So long as that don't bother ya please opinion-blog away. As an old fan of yours (or so I feel like an old fan, been following you since you were trying to get Orphan off the ground) it might be nice to read your opinions, find out a little more about you, personally :shrug:... Tis a thought anyway...

It is good to know you're art is keeping your busy & that you're getting paid for it! :D

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Hey there! I just watched your Tilly Drawing Session on youtube, and really enjoyed watching your process :) I've never tried Manga Studio, but since I've been working on a more comic-like style (I hope to eventually have my own web-comic/graphic novel, but I'm a long ways away yet!), I think I will try it out. What about Manga Studio do you prefer over photoshop, for your sketching/inking needs?
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First, I bought Manga Studio deluxe a while ago and just never got around to really exploring it. I'm clearly going to have to do more of that, because you're doing some pretty great stuff there.

But to answer your question, in my opinion it couldn't hurt to give it a try. Start where you're comfortable and feel things out, which is to some degree what you're doing here anyway. I digress.

Also what's the name of the band playing on the video?
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Thanks for the reply. Believe you me, I'm comfortable giving my opinion, haha. It's more about the format/venue. I'm curious how DA people feel about the journal space.

Bands: Flying Colors, Tesseract and Opeth

In my previous two attempts to upload, I had them listed, lol. Glad you asked.