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  DeviantArt is about art, art is about self-expression, and journal is about the only part of user's page that one can fully modify to express themselves. There are many interesting skins around DA, and I've created a few myself – but they were meant to be general, to fit to as many journals as possible. But perhaps you want a skin  that reflects your personality, artistic style, tastes in color and other various subjects.

In this case you can commission me, and I'll create and code a layout that visualizes your most specific ideas. If it's possible to make by means of Cascading Style Sheets, I'll do my best. I can provide skins for journal and galleries, for individuals and groups. Send me a note, and we'll discuss the details.

Price outline

Prices are in USD. This is a guideline; the final value will be determined by the complexity of items listed and other elements that you might want to include.

Base journal layout
A layout with images provided by you that need little-to-no Photoshop processing and slicing. Simple styled header, footer and subheaders.
Text-boxes and background texture are included, you may choose this option if you'd like.


Gallery layout
A matching layout for your gallery – header, background, thumb frames.


Depending on complexity. May include your name written in a unique font and styled, various effects, elements you'd like to combine.

The same options as for the header.


Subheader decoration
Depends on complexity. This may be a simple image next to the subheader, or a background that makes it a rival to the journal header itself.


Thumb frames
A CSS decoration around your thumbnails in journal and gallery.


A menu styled with CSS only.


Button image
An image with hover effect. One can be used for all menu items, or each link can have it's own. The price of each unique image is 3$.


    To give a better idea of how much can be charged for each element, here's the calculation of some of my public skins' value:

Nebulous CSS by NellyAsherNebulous
  • Base - 20$
  • Header - 5$
  • Footer - 3$
Price - 28$.
CSSimplicity - Glowing At by NellyAsherGlowing @
  • Base - 20$
Nothing but
CSS was used.
Price - 20$.
Calm Cat CSS by NellyAsherCalm Cat
  • Base - 20$
  • Header - 3$
  • Footer - 7$
  • Menu - 2$
Price - 32$.
Bonbon CSS by NellyAsherBonBon
  • Base - 20$
  • Header - 4$
  • Footer - 4$
  • Subheader - 2$
Price - 30$.


And the value of the layout I use in my own journal and gallery:
  • Base - 20$
  • Header - 3$
  • Menu - 2$
  • Buttons - (3 menu buttons + "Comments" button) x 3$ = 12$
  • Thumb frames - 2$
  • Thumb description - 2$
  • Gallery - 10$
Price - 51$.

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I am interested in purchasing a professional custom Journal Skin from you. If you are interested on taking on a new project, I have drawn out a layout of what I would like as well as my links to instagram, facebook page etc. I have my logo as well. How would I go about sending you these links and information (image of layout) if you are able to take a new project I would really appreciate it! 

Thank you!