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Him :iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 0 0
The Smiling Man
The Smiling Man came for me one night
And took me away to a place of fright
He told me this was how it is
As long as I agreed to be his
Days became weeks and weeks became years
And all I knew were these tears
I was stuck here in this place
Because I vanished without a trace
I don’t know why I cried
When he said I’d be his bride
He’s kind and fair and loving too
And gives me gifts o so new
He’s gentle when he comes to visit
And tells me he’s always here in spirit
His words are kind and smile is pleasing
And he’ll hold me close when I am freezing
Maybe the Smiling Man isn’t so scary
And one day soon we will marry
And on that day filled with glee
He’ll say ‘my bride, you may be free
As long as you promise to stay with me’
:iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 2 4
Mind Games
Maya walked down the hallway, her bare feet padding along the linoleum tiling. She turned the corner, entering into the testing room. She always ended up here whether she wanted to or not.
She took a seat on a cool metal chair that seemed to face a blank, white wall, but she knew that on the other side were men and women- she’d taken to calling them white coats- who could see her every move through a one-way mirror.
There was a sharp crackle of electricity as an intercom turned on.
“We’re going to test your reaction time again today. See if you’ve improved in training,” spoke a male’s voice from a small speaker in a corner of the room. Maya nodded to indicate that she was ready.
The room became eerily silent as she sat there waiting. She took to counting the tiles on the ceiling, trying to ignore the all too familiar feeling of being trapped.
Suddenly, with a small puff of air, a small cube shot out from a hidden socket in the wall. She focused her m
:iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 2 0
Who to Trust
Their feet pounded against the pavement as they ran down the empty street. Hunter and Angel turned the corner, entering the alleyway. They dodged dumpsters and boxes, daring themselves not to slow down.
"How did they find us?" Angel asked, her heart beating against her chest.
"I don't know!" Hunter exclaimed, grabbing her wrist and pulling her back onto the main road. They continued running through the darkness. Sweat dripped down their backs and their legs threatened to give out, but they couldn't stop, not until they found a safe place.
Ahead, Hunter spotted what may be their savior.
"Empty building, straight ahead," he pointed towards the crumbling ruins of an old house.
They ran up to it, checking behind them for their pursuers before entering. Shutting the door behind them, they took only a few steps before collapsing from exhaustion.
"It's only been a week. I've covered our tracks, their is no way they could have found us so quickly," Angel spoke up a few minutes later, finally c
:iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 1 0
The Creation of Dubstep
      Apollo, the god of music and truth, spent his days in Olympus, entertaining the gods with his lyre. He sat, strumming away at the strings, singing little songs. These songs aren’t always kind, as he sung about the gods and all of the powerful and foolish things they have done. One song in particular was not pleasing to Zeus, the god of the sky, at all, telling about all of the mortals he has been with of which his wife Hera does not approve. He commanded Apollo to stop playing, his temper starting to get the better of him. Apollo, ignoring Zeus, continued to play his little tune. Zeus then decided that Apollo needed to be taught a lesson about insulting him.
      Zeus went to Hephaestus, god of the forge, asking for his aid. He had concocted a plan to put Apollo in his place: if he was going to insult Zeus, then Zeus would insult him. Zeus and Hephaestus spent days in the workshop, trying out different machines and parts to see what sounds the
:iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 4 4
Russian Roulette
Keke awoke, dazed and confused. Something was off, she could tell by the white light shining through her eyelids.
She tried to move her wrists, but they were held tight by a cool metal. That’s when she knew something was seriously off.
She opened her eyes to find herself in a completely white room. Definitely not good. She didn’t exactly have a good history with places like these.
She was sitting alone in a solid metal chair, her wrists, ankles, and torso strapped to the chair by metal strips.
Somewhere behind her- she couldn’t move her head- a door opened. In her peripheral vision, she saw a scientist. Then came in Jack, handcuffed and flanked by two guards.
“I told you there would be consequences if you didn’t cooperate,” said the man in the white coat, talking to Jack. That’s when Keke noticed a revolver in his hand and she had to choke down a scream.
“Have you ever heard of a game called Russian roulette? I’ll explain anyway. So
:iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 0 3
70. All the Little Things
A butterfly fluttering in the wind
The smell of flowers on a summer day
A smile from an old friend
Knowing that you’ll be okay
The smell right after it rains
The laughter of someone you love
Being in an airplane
Being able to see a dove
Someone telling you a compliment
The feeling of the sun on your skin
The person you hate being absent
Being able to spin
It’s every little thing
That makes each day a blessing
:iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 1 0
The Princess and the Dragon
Tiffany stood in the mouth of the cave, satchel slung over her shoulder.
As princesses go, she wasn’t the most typical. With her boyish haircut, too large for her frame shirts, and pants, she was often mistaken for someone just working in the castle. Not to mention the fact that she has a pet dragon. That is completely unheard of in her kingdom.
She entered deeper into the cave, her fingers gliding over the familiar indentions in the wall as they have hundreds of times before.
Oswald snorted smoke out of his large nostrils as he registered her familiar face.
“Hey big boy, hope you didn’t miss me too much on my trip. I brought you a treat,” she spoke in a soothing tone, reaching into her bag. Out she drew a large slender bone, which she tossed towards him. He snatched it out of the air and started gnawing on it, much like a dog would.
Tiffany climbed up Oswald’s massive body, coming to a stop on top of his head.
“Want to hear a story?” She asked
:iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 2 3
Just a Lab
The skyline of a large city stood against the horizon, blocking out the rising sun. Tall buildings jutted out of the ground, reaching toward the lifeless sky. Lights twinkled through windows and car horns blared.
    At the edge of the bustling city stood a small road, almost hidden from view, covered by trees as the landscape took on a more natural form. The small road twisted and turned for miles, almost like it was trying to confuse anyone driving on it.
    The road gave way to a small, flat, white building, squatting between two hills, hidden from view. The building couldn’t be any bigger than a one story house. An old sign hung loosely above the automatic doors, threatening to fall. Three words were hastily painted on, saying, ‘Dr. Butch Veterinary Clinic.’
    Stepping inside, the small building was bustling with action. Men and woman, all in white lab coats raced around, some pushing carts, some carrying clipboards, some holding p
:iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 2 0
The Horror
A man in a dark hood stood hidden in a dank alleyway, his hand tightened around a knife. He looked up to the sky, twilight setting in, almost time to strike. He crept towards the entrance, his target on mind.
    George stood at a crosswalk, waiting for the man to turn green, briefcase in hand. He walked briskly across the street, turning the corner, heading down the sidewalk. One second he was walking, the next he was lying on his back, someone sitting on his chest. He was frightened when his gaze saw the blade gripped in his attacker’s hand. Suddenly, everything started turning black as a horrible pain erupted in his chest, the blade being plunged deeper and deeper as the killer twisted it further.
    A young woman stood across the street, watching the events unfold. But it didn’t surprise her. The man being attacked was her boss, and he was a jerk. She walked away, a grim smile on her face, knowing that she would be the new boss, a promotion and rais
:iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 0 0
The World of Skins
       Rabbit pushed open the door to the Coven Bar, letting the noise of drunkards wash everything else out. He stepped inside, quickly finding Captain Jordan Lee and Vinnie sitting in the corner, mugs in hand. He walked over taking a seat and stealing the mug from Vinnie, taking a big gulp.
       “So you’ll buy me a drink, right?” Rabbit asked, knowing the answer will be no, but he’ll do it anyway.
       “No. But you’ll still make me pay either way. What happened to your money anyway?” Vinnie asked, flagging down one of the girls and ordering another round.
       “You know, the usual. Spending it on the ladies. Getting rejected. Drinking my sorrows at the club,” Rabbit explained, winking at the girl brought there drinks.
       “Buzz off,” She said, leaving.
       “See! I don’t get it.
:iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 1 0
Only the Trees
If there was one thing I wish to forget,
It would be the memory of him.
The life he lived haunts his ghost,
The trees echo the unjust,
The abuse he died of.
They speak of fear, show us fear,
Only they can tell of what happened,
That fateful night.
Footsteps underneath brush,
Running, running, running,
A single scream pierces the night,
Only the trees can tell.
:iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 3 3
Sometimes I feel broken
Like I've never spoken
Maybe love will be my token
But it only left me heartbroken
I was completely outspoken
Now I try to be soft-spoken
Why can't I be unbroken
Now I am completely unspoken
Someday I'll be awoken
But for now I'm always misspoken
:iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 1 5
Finally Home
     I looked around, unable to speak. This was my home, but how was I here? This wasn't possible. I looked out the window, but all I could see was black. I heard laughter coming from the dining room. That sounded like..... I started running, skidding to a stop. Sitting around the table were my parents and brother.
     "Mom? Dad? Kiyoko?" I called out, watching them.
      "Amaya!" Kiyoko jumped up, pulling me into a warm embrace. He looked older. Of course, the last time I saw him, he was only two. Now he looked about twelve.
     "I'm at the top of my class! Dad's an awesome teacher, and I already know so many things!" He exclaimed, letting go of me.
     I rubbed the top of his head, messing up his hair.   
:iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 0 1
They were so close
Jack takes one final swipe at the scientist, sending him to the ground. He turns, going to help his sister. Suddenly, it's like everything is in slow motion. Andrew was spinning,  in the position for a roundhouse kick. Keke was already beaten and battered, and Jack knew what was about to happen.
Not a sound escaped his lips as he started running. He couldn't waste precious energy. It was too late though, and he knew it. Andrew's heel planted right on Keke's chest, right over the heart. She slammed backwards into a brick wall, sliding to the ground.
Chasey hopped Andrew, distracting him as Jack ran toward Keke. He kneeled beside her, scooping her into his arms, her body limp.
"This isn't possible, no, it won't happen." Jack muttered, already fighting back tears. Keke slowly opened her eyes, a faint smile appearing on her lips as Jack's face came into focus.
"It looks like my time us up, I'll be sure to say hi to mom for you." Keke mutters, coughing up blood.
"Jack, it's better
:iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 0 2
How can it be?
She stared at the letter in her hand, unable to comprehend what it said. Was this all true? That didn't seem like him though. No, how could it be him? He was a heartless jerk. He didn't have this in him.
She slowly folded up the piece of paper, carefully putting it in her pocket. She couldn't tell anyone about this, not about him. Especially Nick, He could never know. He can't know. It would break his heart to hear that his father is dead.
She turned on her heal and quickly left the trailer, glad to breath in fresh air and not the smell of death. She needed to get back to the motel before any of the girls woke.
She wiped her face of emotion as she traveled across the barren landscape. How would Gale react about all this? She knew that Hunter had told  him by now, and he was surely going to be mad. But would he even give her the chance to explain that she didn't do anything?
She fumbled in her pocket for the key as she approached the motel. Slowly unlocking the door, she enter
:iconnellocrayon:NelloCrayon 0 0


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I'm doing point commissions. Literature only. I really enjoy writing and all that, so I'll do commissions and what not. I have examples in my gallery if you want to take a quick peek. Just note me if you want something written and we can discuss :points: on what you prefer! Thank you and have a nice day

I try to leave that up to the person asking for the commission, but 15-20 points per page (Times New Roman, 12 font, double spaced) would be the back up plan.

I keep it PG-13. No Yaoi, no boyxboy or girlxgirl. I will do minor gore, nothing extreme. I'm pretty open on trying new styles. My weak point would be horror.


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I'm a 17 year old high school senior

I enjoy writing and mingle in crafting


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