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The Old Man of Storr, pretty much obligatory when visiting Skye :boing:

:boing: :boing: :boing:
Location: Isle of Skye, Scotland.
Post processing: I upped the contrast, upped the low lights, combined a dark and light image to get the right contrast and removed a white spot on the guy's bag and hat, just because I'm a nitpicker.

My photos are NOT stock. This means I do not want them to be used in any way. I don't mind them being used as a reference for a drawing/painting though: please visit this link for the rules nelleke.deviantart.com/journal…

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JNinelives|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just beautiful. This is my favourite of all your photos.
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I'm very glad you like it! Thank you :)
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Just wanted to let you know I used this picture as a ref for digital painting :) Thank you! lievenne.deviantart.com/art/Th…
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loisabee|Student General Artist
At first glance, it reminded me of "The Lord of the Rings."

And now. I want to watch the movie again! ahhahahhhahaha 
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Jovial-Jack|Hobbyist Artist
Mmm. If I saw that in person I'd swear I was home :) 
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torobala|Hobbyist Photographer
Fantastic photos from Scotland!
Scotland is my favourite place. I hope I will be able to spend some time there in March... May I ask which time of the year have you been there?
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BootsyBlue's avatar
BootsyBlue|Hobbyist General Artist
You are so lucky to have visited here. Scotland is one of the most beautiful places and although I only live in the West Midlands, I have only ever visited Glasgow, but after seeing these photos, I will definitely visit this amazing location...
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radioactivepencils|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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TheSkaldofNvrwinter's avatar
TheSkaldofNvrwinter|Hobbyist Digital Artist
makes me think of Weathertop
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ohpal's avatar
woow, what a landscape! Impressive and moving!
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Vostal0rd's avatar
this is really beautiful 
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Ihayteu| Traditional Artist
i want to walk there too :)
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Brahmadomtao|Professional General Artist
What a location.
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vseger|Hobbyist Photographer
There is a reason it's obligatory, and you were able to capture it.
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HKN-Proyect|Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome.....   I would love to go to Scotland
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DrKnowles|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful! I love how it looks so expansive, even with the low-hanging clouds. Great mood.
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Observer14|Professional Traditional Artist
Interesting with the man in the foreground.  Gives a sense of space and scale to the shot.

The one thing more magical than ancient stone castles is ancient, mist shrouded rock formations...  ;-)

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Breathtaking landscape, really good job! Clap 
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moralitos89|Professional Interface Designer
Great Job! I feel like I'm there
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Kecgirl|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the Hebridies.
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scarred-teatree's avatar
captivating and atmospheric shot :)
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cddmanful|Hobbyist General Artist
A beautiful picture of that rock, and the surroundings, much less prosaic than many other shots I have seen!  This one, you should sell to some tourist agency of the Isle of Skye, to use for promotion, because it so draws you to want to go there!  Did you have many days with these gorgeous clouds whilst you were there?  
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Mistikfantasy|Hobbyist General Artist
I have something to say...
:la: choir Extreme La la in love Kawaii La la tantrum Piano :la: Roman :la: Loki'd La the LA scale Red Bird La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La race Explode la plz la-gladius (roman) la-spear (samnite) la-peltast (tracian) la-caesar (roman)
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