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Number Sixteen

Here you go, a gloomy pic and a sunny pic. For whichever mood you're in ;)

The gloomy pic to balance it out:

Editting done: I upped the contrast and saturation a bit.

Location: Nieuw Groevenbeek, the Netherlands.
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Used as a painting reference:

Golden Path

Thank you!

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Oh... At first time I saw this photo I became a speachless for a moment. This is one of the greatest landscape photo I've seen. Composition of it is classic and beautiful, rhe colours are gorgeous. This simple combimation of the green and yellow color is made extreamly beautiful through golden and amber hues.
And this photo consist the breath of that moment of nature, and I'm looking at it for so long and feel the calmness, as if I'm looking at the real forest! The nature is a very difficult model to imagine, it so rich and beautiful, tha the author have to use all of his skills to do it suitably. But from time to time some people make a pices of artwhich are so beautiful as a nature itself. Like this work is. Bravo!
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Wooow that was really fast! Thank you very much for taking the time to write this :hug:
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Oh! No thanks necessary! It was a pleasure for me to write about your wonderful photo! ^_^
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My God! your photos are amazing.. never in my life had I seen something this exciting.. I simply LOVE it <3
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amazing... i love the light and the warmth in this one... great capture!
hossainalwasi's avatar
One of the best-composed landscape I've seen yet.
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Reminds me of something from like, Lord of the Rings; in the Shire :) Your photography is absolutely amazing!!
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It looks pretty.
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och beautifull
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Fantastic lights!
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The sun is so golden it almost hurts. You can almost feel the power of the light.
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Oh, so lovely! I really enjoy reading how you manipulate your shots....I learn so much from it. Thanks for sharing.
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Hi, I love the aspect of this picture it captures more and draws me down the road in the picture. and the light rays are outstanding, it is very good :)
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Absolutely stunning!!!
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Here you go, a gloomy pic and a sunny pic.
I'll have both, thank you. :D

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Hihi :aww: This has been featured in A World of Magic - Vol. 3 ! Thank you so much for sharing :hug:
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mmmm so nostalgic..
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