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Feeling Blue

An older pic.

Editting done: I lowered the gamma and upped the contrast slightly, and made the colours blueish.
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gabor0928's avatar
it's cold but beautiful!
JoseMelim's avatar
Wonderful photo work and beautiful misty atmosphere! I love the way tones become more and more delicat.
heryasw's avatar
love it,.. it's really nice picture
Harikatri's avatar
Very fabulously =)
Nymueh's avatar
So ´beautiful!
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Sir-Catherine's avatar
I've seen mornings that almost truly look this blue, yet would be impossible to capture their color and feeling. Your small bit of editing has shown the mood wonderfully.
cianciarska92's avatar
I don't believe that beauty like this really exist...
this is awesome has a nice cool color variation & it s all so depicts a lonely feeling............i like it. good luck.
chaoshengzhe's avatar
beautiful blue tones :aww:.. like morning frosts in winter :aww:
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Acidum07's avatar
Ghost?Silent Hill?Gruge?Dont be This looks like the begaining of a ghost movie.
Vampyratekitty's avatar
all the blue makes it look ... mysterious to me =^.^= like a fairy could pop out from behind of one of the trees any second....any second now...
Nelleke's avatar
Zou ik wel willen, die lijken me erg fotogeniek @_@
Vampyratekitty's avatar
als ik er hier in de buurt ooit een zie, dan zal ik je waarschuwen ;)
wolfcreek50's avatar
Grand shot and the bluish tint...fine work...
Nelleke's avatar
Thank you very much :)
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