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This is awesome! Axolotl and Angler - two of my favourite animals!

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It's raping time!
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Semplice quanto originale, anche senza leggere il titolo il messaggio appare chiaro.
Molto bella la scelta delle creature. 
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such a great and simple idea. Love it! Love the details and colors too :)
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This is so beautiful and creative! I love all the different levels of contrast in this painting, the awesome and engaging perspective, and then you have the cute little details like the lace and the stones and bricks. Awesome piece!
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Headcanon - they're totally siblings
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Oh, sorry! I didn't realize you didn't know, my bad Sweating a little... 

Basically, it's my personal interpretation of the piece. When someone has an interpretation of a piece of art that the creators don't necessarily share or have never confirmed, that's headcanon. For instance, I might have a headcanon that the Doctor from Doctor Who has depression or PTSD, even though the show and its creators have never confirmed or denied that. 

I'm not 100% sure if that's the correct definition, but it's what I meant in this context.
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Everyday you learn something new! Thanks for the info :D
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It’s an idea that comes from one’s head, and which one hopes/wishes is canon.
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I crave backstory! This got me so invested :)

Fantastic painting :heart:
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Thank you! I probably should get more stuff done of those two :D
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That is amazing! I love the concept, it’s extremely unique! 
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Really cool idea for yin & yang :)
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This is so pretty..!!
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