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There is a funny story behind this pic. First of all, I've been a BIG, BIG Ville Valo Fan since I was 17, and, when I got the advice they would come to Mexico, I just got mad of happiness, and started this pic. I bought my ticket a month before, and It came just at the middle of my final university exams... but I just didnt care and went to DF to listen HIM (now I have a couple of dark holes instead of eyes, coz I wanna pass the semester, and for doing that, Nell just dont sleep @_@).
Before arriving DF, I made a big plotter print of this pic at original size, and carried with it until "Salon 21", the place where HIM played this past weekend. Target: to give the print to Ville, no matter how. And here is where the funny story begins.

First, the security buddies came with the brilliant idea that a roll of paper could hurt somebody, and forbide me to pass with my gift. I had to make a big effort to read the super-small-5points-red-print at the ticket to realize that, yeah, true, some objects were forbidden, such as cameras, knifes, and hard stuff like that... coz someone could get hurt. I didnt see the point of forbidding me to carry a tube of paper... mainly when I saw some guys passing with iron cages full of beer cups between people, selling here and there... and when the small print clearly said "alcoholic drinks NOT allowed inside". I told this to the security staff, but they just keep repeating "youcannotyoucannotyoucannot", like a mantra. Finally, I could convince the "supervisor" (or at least they told me that he was), and he said "go and save the item there, were the other people is leaving their forbidden stuff. Come back in an hour, and then We'll see if you can introduce it". So i did.
I wait for Ville to sing my favourite songs, and when I felt the time over, went outside for my gift... and again, the people in the stuff-saving... ahhh whatever, the english word of "paquetería", well... they started annoying with "you cannot pass with that", again. I asked the name of one specially annoying guy, who is the tyrantest person I've ever meet. I know they're payed to make a non-thinking-just-follow-orders job, but I dont think that anyone gets an extra amount for treating people like shit. Actually, I forgot the name, since I'm pretty sorry for him. That kind of people is usually ignored, no one gives a penny for them, and they make noise ruining others mood, coz is the only way they feel they're important.
I realized this, when he was insulting me... I knew that our discussion was just pointless, that he would never change his mind, coz the only thing that he wanted on that moment was just to fight, so I just took my print and run away back to the concert, and far of the security dork.
Was easy to dissapear between the amount of people, and dunno how, but I could walk between the crowd almost until the front of the scenery... but I'm just a damn sort girlie, so I had to ask a dubitative guy to throw my print into the scenery, and when he was thinking if he would throw it or not, someone at the back just took the print and keep it by himself!! I Asked him to give me the print back... and he told a plain "NO, it's mine" WTF???? I had to convince him to throw it at the scenery saying him that I would pay to him for doing it (of course I didnt), so he did that... but Ville and the band was already away. My print, as long as I could follow it, stayed in the floor at the right from Gas Drums, and dont know what happened after.

I guess I'll sent it to the street team on these days.
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I'm in love this picture ville:kiss: revamp

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you made him even more sexy!
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how beautiful.. i am in love ♥
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ohmmmyygaass. Ville<3
im love in with this pictures:DD
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The is both sexy AND BEAUTIFUL.
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really amazing!!!
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Holy crap this is freaking amazing
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wow.... I really really love this.... It's so beautiful! Sorry you couldn't give it to ville. I actually was lucky enough to give him a set of prints I had made of them but that was because at the time I was the street team leader for my state and I was able to at least say "hi" after the concert... Who knows if he kept them or tossed them or whatever, but... it was a nice feeling at least.

I'm so sorry you didn't have that luck, dear. This piece is GORGEOUS, though!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow! What a great picture! I really love it!
Too bad to hear you didn't get the picture to Ville, after all the effort you made, but thank you for sharing it here!
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Toy're my master! I completely Love this Piece!
You will be featured in my journal!
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You had some reason for doing this, right? This made my fantasies complete. :D
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Yaaay !!!!!!!!!!1 I looove it !!!!!!!!!!!!
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o mio dioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Oh my gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood *.* Love thi draw!!!!!
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one of the sexiest male ones, walking on earth... A legend.

very nice picture!!!
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they must have got it somehow its suck a nice picture love it lots
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hot. that's how I want him to stand next to my bed when I wake up at night
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OMG *___* So awesome *___* You're the best :D
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it is awesome!! is perfect!
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That's a great story, sad that he didn't received it that day after all the things you did to give it to him. The drawing is great really ;)
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