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SpeedPaint: Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper of Dorne



Ready for tonight's Match, everyone? :D

EDIT:   Since this piece is receiving so much love, and since Prince Oberyn deserves a proper homage, I am finishing it up to make it a proper piece. Stay tuned! 

Final version here:…    
Poster GIVEAWAY :…
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Even though this is a speed paint, your guy has 2 left hands. If the front hand is not a left hand, he has the worst fighting technique ever, which kind of isn't the case with Oberon. I don't know if anyone noticed over all the hype about the NAME of the character. Also, from a martial arts point of view. the front hand's index finger points outward during the attack, while the back hand always has a tight grip.
The text above the spear mocks the character, rather than emphasize on his strenghts. The low-contrast colors work well, though.