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There's a role played game cooking itself in some point of the web. This is my character. I named it Kardott, and will be a full jackass . Dunno why, I like to play with bad boys :3

btw: I took a stock photo reference from Deemer: , you can find it here: [link]

Banda de Dibujando!!!, aquì està mi prota del dìa final. Los matarà a todos!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
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wow sexy vampire

Yuzuki4ever's avatar
Very Very Cool!!!!
DennaWilliamson's avatar
If only there were ppl like this that were real =)
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Oh, there is. Was... I based him in a portrait of :icondeemer: . He is a blond long haired handsome young man now, though.
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Oh my god. I want to be friends with your character. He looks like a hella lotta fun.
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Den kenn ich doch!
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hmm..I should let my Tyson come out and play... XD
Jennifaa's avatar
hahaha...yup my vampire charrie ^_^
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hahaha...maybe I should get an upgrade for my vampire too XD....
this is very good :D
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hahaha. very nice!!
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Hot, I love it. Especially the expression on his face.
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:D From what I've seen so far this guy rocks!
I saw your character reference thingy and he sounds just as cool as he looks :nod:
Soul-Of-Romance's avatar
Wow! it's awsome! it looks like a photo! Fav! :+fav:
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*nosebleed*...hotest man ever drawn!!!
xCannibalVampire's avatar
well hello hello, who is this delicious creature
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Woah! I do love this pic! It's great! I really like his eyes =D
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He's gorgeous! Is he based on a real human or just created? yummy boy;)

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