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Deform to form a Star

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TiarnanDominusAdonaiProfessional General Artist
This deserves a story just as magnificent and splendid to go along with it.

- Take Care, Beannacht De Duit
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luffywowHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Tigersong1423Hobbyist Digital Artist
This so reminds me of Narnia. Totally gorgeous! <3
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FeatherQuilt88Hobbyist General Artist
This is so touching and beautiful and mysterious all at once... very wonderful work!
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Dragon-Artist92Hobbyist General Artist
This is beautiful and deep!!  Excellent work!! =D
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classic nell...beautiful
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BlueDressWonderHobbyist Digital Artist
oh my gosh i love this so much!!! i feel like im going to be emotionally attached to this! I THANK YOU FOR BEING AN OUTSTANDING ARTIST!
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Woooow ¿Steven Wilson? It´s an amzing picture, and is an excellent song.
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Hot damn! speechless...
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mrlionhStudent Digital Artist
woo how beautiful :D
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Michael7S Interface Designer
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SelmarkaiHobbyist General Artist
i wrote a story like this once....... it's beautiful! :cry::love:
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nell-fallcardProfessional Digital Artist
Really, what is it about? :)
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SelmarkaiHobbyist General Artist
The Sun, who is the lion, loses his mate, the moon, to a meteor shower. In his sadness the rays of light from his mane are deminished, and the world suffers. Many years laters a girl is born with memories of how the sun once was. As she grows up she hears stories of how the sun abandoned the world, but in her heart she knows better. When she is old enough, she travels to the highest peak in the world and calls to the Sun. She calls for days until her throat is gone. She waits and waits until finally, one day he hears her. The whole world sees the sun turn and take shape. THe whole world watches the sun walk from the sky to the mountain. When he nears the mountain the girl cries out, her voice raspy and deep from her many days of calling. The Lion recognizes the deep raspy voice of his mate and is happy that he has found her once again. With her permission he takes her up into the sky where she becomes the moon again. the orriginal draft died when my friend's(car's) roof leaked onto my laptop, destroying 50+ stories:cries: but when I saw your picture, it brought it back for me! lovely work!
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nell-fallcardProfessional Digital Artist
Wow. This story has an interesting resonance... basically because it kind of relates with the picture, in a way. Around a year ago I was in an emotional pit and music was my haven, got the strength I needed from certain songs. One of these empowering songs was "Nunca" by Zoe, which sings:

Never tell me I can't
Never tell me what to believe
Don't you see I am no longer afraid?
Don't hang me your chains
I am sorry if I do not follow
Walking bores me
I've built myself a couple of cardboard wings
and I will try to reach the Sun
even if I die of heat

In my head, the sun had the shape of a lion. Funny as it comes, the lead singer is called León Larregui, which is Spanish for "Lion".
On a side note, and this is the part that relates to the piece, when I used to listen to this song as a loop, it encouraged me to give it a go and try to reach a person I deeply admired, and even since we've had seldom but interesting and enjoyable moments shared.

I am happy my paintings bring back memories, specially when they are stories. Thanks for sharing!
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SelmarkaiHobbyist General Artist
Wow! I had no idea it meant so much to you! Thank you for sharing that with me :)
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nell-fallcardProfessional Digital Artist
I joined yesterday and now my inbox is full of spam, besides, these are "popularity" contests and we all know what these are all about, you fishy creature...
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PersonsRealityStudent General Artist
This is so, so beautiful
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nell-fallcardProfessional Digital Artist
Is not coincidence c:
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