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Da Voodoo

By Nelkarts
I started a doodle to play around with brushes and it sort of turned into this sketch. I've always been most fond of trolls in WoW, and I never understood why so few girls liked them. They're awesome!
So here's my take. Aside from trying to actually use the brushes I have, I tried a different approach to colouring and stuff for practice, and was using this blue, and I figured it would be ideal to try blue skin.

No ref, painted on 1 layer with a couple of exceptions (bg, small details), photoshop + wacom. An evening of fun, yaay!

...hope it doesn't look too "avatar". =|
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Great job. I like the colors you used and you have a nice touch with hair.
Mayhkaos's avatar
I've always preferred Pratchett's Discworld Trolls, but this is still pretty damn awesome ;)
Don't worry about it looking Avatar-ee, yours' eyes are too well proportioned for that :D
Pypmannetjies's avatar
That's very nice! Good use of brushes. Like the rough and ready look.
Nelkarts's avatar
I'm glad you like that, I'm kinda fond of the roughness too ^_^
Thanks for checking it out!
Yrasa's avatar
She looks great !
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jeremyjosh's avatar
Respect, 1 layers are harder than they look. I still can't fully commit to 1 layer yet lol. Great work also!
Nelkarts's avatar
Haha thank you. It's kinda weird at first, but once I got used to it, it's actually a lot easier for me - less things to keep track of. And if you don't like something? Paint right over it! :D
jeremyjosh's avatar
Welcome :). I agree, but when you get 4-5 hours in putting in awesome details and an underlying rendering is off..the painnnn lol!
TheLangfordian's avatar
Really cool :D I wish I could brainfart doodles like that!
Nelkarts's avatar
Well maybe you should >.>
And then do more. And then moar!!!!
TheLangfordian's avatar
what brush settings do you typically use? and do you have any personal tips that you have discovered from experience? :D
Nelkarts's avatar
We should get together and do some drawing, I can show you some awesome ways to play around with settings. Up until the last study I did, I didn't really use that many different ones. :)
TheLangfordian's avatar
that would be great, cause I understand the settings, but I can't use em properly, most likely lack of practice and the need to brush up further on the art skills.
CaptainUnobservant's avatar
I love it when doodles become something so much more! LeNelka, this is good stuffs! :D
Nelkarts's avatar
Yeah me too! Will be posting more doodle-turned-to-something soon. Working on it tonight =)
CaptainUnobservant's avatar
Awesome! I look forward to it!
Ironsage's avatar
that is some damn good work!
Nelkarts's avatar
I'm glad you like ^_^
Chaya-line's avatar
Love the trolls too! nice portrait ;)
Nelkarts's avatar
Awesome! Someone else likes em! Thank you :)
I don't simply like them, I LOVE them to bits. And there's quite a lot of other people who do aswell! Trolls are amazing. And so is this painting! It's rare to see someone to capture the troll anatomy right, but you seem to have succeeded in that!

Great work and beautiful troll too!
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Thank you so much. This comment right here just made my day :D
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