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Meditating -GIFT-

Hi! Today I post something I did on the past few days, the dragoness on the right side is a bab I adquired not so long ago, a design made by @/Herobula here on DA, and I'm in total love with her! Her name is Aurora, and expect a lot of art where she does appear. The teal dragoness on the left side doesn't have a name for now, but is owned by @/SeaSaltShrimp, and her design was also made by Hero. Since both of them do a nice contrast and overall the look super nice together, I couldn't resist to make a pic of them both, hope you like it!

Art and Aurora (c) NelianaSolberg
Teal Dragoness (c) @/SeaSaltShrimp
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I love this so much! The shading and colors are so perfectly blended!

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Thank you so much!

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Heh. That expression and pose...? I think she's meditating on having just figured out she's pregnant. :-) Aurora looks really nice in this pic! Wait'll her friend finds out. :-)

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I'm glad you like the pic! Thank you so much for commenting too ^^

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I wish I could do that for real haha! Thanks for commenting ^^

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Aww, same!

You're welcome. ^^ Very nice art. You have a very good style

Or she fell asleep

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Yes that could also be! Thanks for commenting ^^

You’re welcome

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