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Platinum Lady

Aaaand another collaboration :3 This one was done with :icontascun: and has been sold on this years Eurofurence. Tas did the awesome lineart and I the coloring.

I really love Platinum foxes even though it's sad they're only bred for pelt-industries :/ But nevertheless I had fun coloring her :3
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KentaroFlamepaw's avatar
She's so hot and cute at the same time! :D
I want to cuddle her so bad ^w^
DAVCM64's avatar
damn, so beautiful, she represents you?
nelena's avatar
No, she's just a random charakter :)
IamETOH's avatar
What a great foxy ^^
nelena's avatar
Thank you :D Make sure to check out the gallery of :icontascun: as well. He did the sketch for this picture.
Viethra-Schepherd's avatar
This is incredible. The personality is so strong. The coloring is gorgeous. In the sixties something began that has begun to completely change the outlook of the silver/platinum fox. In an effort to resolve the questions about how we managed to domesticate dogs and other species, they tried breeding them for tameness. The results were almost instantaneous and a new creature was born, the tame fox. [link]

Thought you might want to hear about that. They are also super cute. It is kinda weird to see foxes behaving like dogs though. Like a bizarre yet adorable dream.
nelena's avatar
Thank you so much ^__^ Make sure to check out :icontascun:s page as well, cause he did the lineart :3

To be honest I'm not that much a fan of domesticated foxes ^^, But on the other hand it might change something in the fur industrie... you don't wear what you love. I really hope one day the fur industries will be gone for good and people realize we're not in stone age anymore.
Viethra-Schepherd's avatar
I checked out :icontascun: he is pretty good.

I'm thinking that is the domesticated one can win people over, we'll re-think the way we treat wild foxes. Do you dislike the idea of domesticating them because it reins in their wild spirit or something? That is the first time I've seen someone imply that they don't like the idea. Very interesting.

Keep up the great work!
nelena's avatar
I don't like domesticated animals in general. At least mammals. Squirrels, Foxes, Racoons, Wolfes, wild cats ... they belong into the wild not into the living room. In my oppinion that is. ^^, Even my cats can go in and out as they like... I would not want to keep them inside.
I'm not a fanatic though. I would not encourage it and I stay with my oppinion but I don't condemn people who like to have these animals. It's up to them but they will not get any "OMG I so envy you" comments from me XDD
Viethra-Schepherd's avatar
I know what you mean. I wouldn't say I disagree with you completely, but at the same time an animal bred to be domesticated is not wild, by its very nature. In a way, to say that anything humans do is unnatural, is to venerate us as supernatural beings outside of regular nature. I find it funny that some atheists are against preserving endangered species by interfering in the fate of a doomed individual. Like when they just watch incredibly precious and valuable lion cubs die on the Discovery Channel instead of intervening and having more lions for our fight against extinction. It seems more natural to undo the damage our race has done than let another be wiped out of sheer journalistic bureaucracy and procedure. What are we, gods that are actions are not to be seen as incredibly sophisticated products of evolution, but rather anomalies? I am Catholic, but even I know we are but sophisticated (or unsophisticated in some cases) animals. Even that may be presumptuous. All this commentary isn't really about what you said, I guess. You just got me thinking. This is a very interesting topic. I die a little inside every time I see any once free creature wearing a tutu and a sombrero. How is that cute?
Viethra-Schepherd's avatar

DameOdessa's avatar
She is so marvelous, the fur is exquisite!
KuuztinR's avatar
Ahh, this is where your true talent lies. All around good. The only critique I have is the paws. If it's an anthro, should she have hands? Besides that, love the eyes, and that face!
OkamiJubei's avatar
that's really pretty, love the eyes and fur.
nelena's avatar
Thank you ^_^
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