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I plan to be a bit more active on my instagram account (nele.diel) in the future, posting some work in progress and stuff. :)

Would be awesome to see some of you guys there! :)

All the best,

Hi everyone!

It's done, I finally finished my university courses and can start fulltime freelancing as an illustrator now!
I am really motivated and hope I will be able to make a living of it!

So - sorry for not accepting to much commissions the past year but I just could'nt find the time. From now on this hopefully will be different!
If there is some work I could do for you, let me know! (For information on my rates/availability just send a short job description to, I will get back to you as soon as possible!)

Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone of my followers for ... just following me! Makes me really proud! :)

All the best,