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Mountain Obelisk

By Nele-Diel
Speedi :)
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© 2013 - 2021 Nele-Diel
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...mystical -- magical, as always.
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Something is stirring in the mountains.. A lovely piece! An interesting choice of using purple as the essence in the stone. 
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OMG!!! Beautiful masterpiece! I would like to watch a vidio tutorial about this great scene))
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Excellent work!!
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Amazing! I love the twists you put on your works. ^^
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You're a freaking color genius dude. This is amazing. I love the speedy style with the visible brush strokes. The lighting is gorgeous, too. I'm always impressed by people who can draw environments because I feel like it's hard to make them lively and believable. Your pieces are always great, I feel like I're standing right in front of a window opened on this landscape. Congrats on being awesome \o/
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haha :D
thank you so much!
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It looks GREAT! Good job!!
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your color control is AMAZING super jeally~!
but if you don't mind me saying I think your texture implementation could use some improvement-the snow is just as sketchy and rough as the rocks, or you could say the rocks look as smooth as the snow.
still though, nice work!

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thank you!
yes, thats right I have a lot to learn. and for me its hard to paint anything with only one brush.
but if I had more than 70 min. that would definitely a point to take care of! Thanks for the criticism!
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....i should have probably read your description.....woops ^^;;;;;;
still looks nice though D:
It looks fantastic!!
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