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Journey to the Castle

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A rather large rat sent me here

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Awesome ! Horns  
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I dont like it Eren Yeager (Serious Look) [V4]

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your landscapes are some of the most beautiful ones I have seen! Love them!

I usually draw characters but I just recently finished a landscape drawing and would love some feedback from you and your viewers. It doesn't compare to your work in any way but I would like to know how to improve it, I've reached my skill limit!
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That glow is captivating...
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You're welcome. But, also, thank you for making such an excellent addition to my favorites folder
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Do you play skyrim? haha
because if not I think you'd like it
beautiful painting n.n what kind of paints do you use? or is it digital?
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it's digital ^^
I love skyrim, but I have no time to play it :(
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wow, what program do you use?
and I hear yah, lol with school, especially being
the end of the semester I never really have time to play
either, lol
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I use Photoshop cs 5
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Sweet :D I'll have to get that
eventually when I have money, haha
very nice works you have uvu
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Beautiful colors!
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You know, the weird thing is, before I saw this pic I had a lucid dream about a place like this.
Come to think about it, I've dreamed about this place a lot of times... :0
That's so cool! :D
OMG. You, sir, have read my mind.
Or something.
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cool :D

(but I'm a woman)
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Oops! Sorry!
(Your profile pic XD I couldn't tell)
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yeah I should change that xD
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Oh wow, this pic instantly got my attention out of the thousands of images I've seen today! Good work indeed :)
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