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Still many mistakes but I think I made a little progress in painting people. :)
Aahh, landscapes are waaaay easier for me!

Sketch here:…
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Hello I work in a small company that we have created in texas right now. Were going to launch our tcg in late october with the first wave that is 2 starter decks 1 booster box with displays banners mats etc etc. Were going to have our playable mobile app to play the card game have internet announcements with our cinematic crew with after effects etc etc and to start a first episode of an anime with the launch of the card game and we saw your art and would like to know if your willing to let us use the art of yours For our card game and we will give you credit for it in our webpage also a link where people will see. your art and follow you and your artist name on the box of each booster set and pack..Let me know  here is a link of our web page as well:
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Thank you for your message, great to hear you like my work!

As I am doing this for a living I am not giving away work for free unfortunately because if I made one exception I would have to to it for everyone. However the illustration that you commented on is available for non-exclusive licensing,
as you can see on this document:

In case you have any questions, or this is of interest for you don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail:

All the best,

Hey I see you are extremely skilled.So I have a proposal for you.
I want to make a manga with one of my friends but we both suck at drawing.So we are looking for a manga artist.I think you are ideal for the position.
If you are interested in making 50-100 euros per chapter contact us at these email adresses           
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This is so cool! Recently got back to deviantArt to check some cool stuff and this is one of them! Checked your gallery out, very nice! 10/10 keep it up :)

P.S can I use this pic as a cover picture for my story? I just started making stories
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thanks a lot! :)

If it is a completley non commercial project and you give credit you can do that. :)
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'right thank you
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Beautiful. Always been a huge fan of that style of armor, where all the little pieces interconnect and overlap; you pulled it off quite well. Coupled with the hints of blue and my favorite class of combatant, and this picture makes for instant love. :P Great piece. Your paintings are magnificent. I would compliment on each of them, but were I to comment on all the ones I like, I fear your inbox would be overflowing with envious compliments. xD
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thanks a lot!!!
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ahhh love the blue details, great picture !
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very very very good
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oh thank you! :)
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welcome :)
and always remember, "Every time you see a great painting, that artist only sees his mistakes"
I believe Feng Zhu, Sycra, or Jonas De Ro said it in a video, but it's true. I see a great painting.

learn from mistakes, and improve, but don't take them negatively. keep up the good work :-)
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thank you :)
no, I do not have problems with seeing mistakes.
There would be a problem if I NOT saw them! :D

thanks for your kind words
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I love the effect of the blue light.
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